Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers release surprise collaborative album

Bright Eyes mainman Conor Oberst and Californian folk-rock singer Phoebe Bridgers have released a surprise collaborative album under the name Better Oblivion Community Centre.

Speaking to NME about the album, Bridgers said: “I really wanted to, because even before we started this I had a really good idea of what our hypothetical band would sound like.

“I don’t think it does like sound that, so I wanted to make sure that people didn’t think it was going to sound a certain way. It’s not duet-y. I think we stayed pretty true to it being its own band.”

Oberst added: “When records are coming out and you hear just one song off it, I feel like a lot of people get lazy and just fill in the blanks.

Like ‘Oh, this is what it’s all gonna be like’, then they form their own misconceptions. So it’s fun to have people hear the whole thing at once and get the full album experience.”

Having collaborated together in the past, Bridgers says her partnershjip with Oberst grew gradually.

“We had a joke that the record size kept getting bigger,” Bridgers told NME. “We wrote a song together and it was fun.

“It doesn’t immediately fit into one of our styles. It was kind of its own style already so we were like ‘Maybe we should put out a 7inch or something. Then we kept writing writing songs and…

“We were like ’10inches are cool!’” Oberst interrupted. “Then it just ended up being a full record.”

Better Oblivion Community Centre is available now on Spotify.

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