Edinburgh Fringe: Great British Mysteries? Q&A

Do you like mysteries? Are you the sort of person who says: ‘I wonder what that was?’. Then this is the show for you. Join Olive Bacon (Supernaturalist) and Dr Teddy Tyrell (Scorpio), in this live mockumentary adventure investigating monsters, myths and Noel Edmonds. Prepare to be mildly unnerved. This is the first show by Will Close and Rose Robinson as The Cloak & Dagger Club, directed by Joseph Hancock. They have been seen and heard on Radio 4, BBC One and BBC Three. Rose was a Funny Women finalist in 2016.

Who are you (tell us a little about yourself), and what are you performing at Edinburgh Fringe?

We are the Cloak & Dagger Club, and we’re making our Fringe debut with Great British Mysteries?

The show’s been tipped as one of Time Out’s ’14 comedy shows we can’t wait to see at the Edinburgh Fringe’, and they described it as “Gloriously silly, wonderfully observed”.

Tell us about the show? 

It’s a live mockumentary investigating monsters, myths and Noel Edmonds. Our eccentric presenters, Olive Bacon and Dr. Teddy Tyrell, point their grubby magnifying glass at the likes of Jack the Ripper and Stonehenge, and now they’re squaring up to the Loch Ness Monster. So bring your armbands.

Why should people come and see it? 

Time Out liken the show to Most Haunted and Spinal Tap, and To Do List gave it five stars and described it as “non stop, gag filled… spoof character comedy at its finest.” We’ve thrown every silly idea we’ve ever had at it, and it will particularly tickle fans of Garth Marenghi, Philomena Cunk and The Exorcist. (ish)

What’s the best and worst things about performing at Edinburgh Fringe? (If performed before)  

Best: Witnessing the sheer level of creativity. And the jacket potato shop.

Worst: When you try to flyer someone and they look at you like you’re insane. IT’S EDINBURGH. IN AUGUST.

Where can we see the show? (include dates if not running for the whole fringe)

We’re on at 3.30pm every day at the Pleasance Courtyard. Do slink by.

Great British Mysteries?, Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), 3.30pm, until 28 August, www.edfringe.com

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