Fringe interview: Anthony Jeannot

A letter from the past, a date with a doomsday survivalist and the start of your dream career. What would you do if you could find out what your teenage self thought of your current life?

Life Coach (Age 14), by Anthony Jeannot, is a show about accepting who we are and what we’ve done, even the time we accidentally slapped a girl in the face with our man boob.

AAA caught up with Anthony for a chat.

How has your Fringe been so far?

Unbelievable, full houses, friendly audiences, great reviews and surprisingly pleasant weather.

Tell us about the show you’re in?

At 14, my high school made me write a letter to myself. At 28 they sent that letter to my parents house and reading it nearly ruined my life. It’s a story of realising you’re not who you wanted to be, of dating doomsday survivalists and a lot of (funny) existential angst.

What’s the audience reaction been like?

Great, which is a relief. I was worried 10.15pm was to late for a story show. Turns out even drunk Saturday night stags do’s can enjoy some angst.

When did you realise you were funny?

Every night when I go on stage, I wonder if I’m funny. Every time they laugh I realise I am.

Were you the class clown?

Kinda, but I think today they’d just diagnose me with ADD.

Can comedians get away with saying things no one else can?

No, but if you’re kind and empathetic you can use being funny to make points people usually don’t want to listen to.

Was there a comedian who inspired you?

Daniel Kitson, Dylan Moran, my dad.

Are there any other shows on this year’s you’d recommend?

I’m a huge fan of Dilruk Jaysinha. I really hope he has a great festival because he’s hilarious. Check him out.

What’s on your hit-list to see?

Mark Watson

Dylan Moran

Felicity Ward

Laura Davis

What do you like to do in Edinburgh on your day off?

We can have days off?

Can you recommend a bar or restaurant in Edinburgh?

Any bar before or after a great show.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen this year?

A woman offered me a oral sex when I was flyering because I looked tired. It didn’t even seem like a romantic offer. I just looked tired and she thought that would help. It was a selflessly heroic gesture. And the weirdest thing I’ve had to say no to in Edinburgh or anywhere.

Sell your show in no more than ten words….

A hilarious haunted house of existential angst.

Life Coach (Age 14), Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters – The Wee Room, 10.15pm, Aug 12-14, free,

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