Fringe Q&A: Tom Houghton

Tom was sent to all-boys boarding school at age six. A world where ‘day kids’ are shunned and girls? None existent. But when, in his second last year the school decided to go co-ed, everything was to change.

The total Fringe sell-out, star of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle and ultra-privileged Tower of London resident, Tom Houghton lifts the controversial lid on the incubators responsible for producing many of our country’s leaders. With a little help from 00s pop sensation Busted.

Is this your first time at the Fringe?

Not at all. This is my 3rdsolo show. I had 9 shows previously with my old group “The Noise Next Door”. I’m a battle hard veteran

Tell us a bit about the show you’re in this year? How much work has gone into getting it ready for Edinburgh?

My show this year is about my all boys boarding school experience. I’m asking the question what role, if any, do public schools have in our country’s future if we are striving for equality and what effects do they have on the men they produce. It’s a serious topic as I believe the public schools are the beginning of the split that creates the class system in Britain. Brexit is a direct result of a bunch of public school boys fighting for power.
I’ve been thinking about this show for a long time and been absolutely obsessing over it for the last year.

Are you nervous ahead of your opening night?

Nah. Excited. I’ve done my homework. I’m ready to go.

There’s thousands of shows on – why should Fringe-goers fork out to see yours?

I’m tackling an important subject that no one is addressing, that effects our country and I promise I will in no way sacrifice hilarity.

Are there any other shows on this year you’d recommend?

Gareth Waugh, Elliot Steel, Ryan Cullen, Troy Hawke, Mark Nelson.

What’s on your hit-list to see?

Alfie Brown. I was with him in Sydney for a week and he’s just incredible.

What are you planning to do on your days off?

I don’t have one. I’m hard core.

Sell your show in no more than ten words….

Exposing the public schools. Rebellion. Hilarity. Jesus bashing. Horse sex.

Tom Houghton’s new stand up show ‘What I Go To School For’ is at the Pleasance Jack Dome at 8:10pm from 31st July – 25th August. For tickets go to

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