High 5, with Inkfields

Edinburgh-based electronic indie pop act Inkfields has shared the video for new single Nights Like These. You can listen to it below.

Nights Like These is the third single from Inkfields’ Creative Scotland-funded debut album, Beneath The Waves, and sees him in buoyant form as a soaring synth riff introduces Samuel James-Griffiths’ urgent vocals, culminating in a track of elevated indie-disco-inducing pop.

Written out of frustration, the track recalls one night when things just didn’t go to plan, as Inkfields’ emotive delivery contrasts the shimmering synth hooks that will get your feet moving.

Inkfields found his feet as live musician in odd circumstances; while touring as audio engineer for Aussie rock band The Wishing Well he fell in love with German city of Dresden and decided to move there, becoming an English teacher.

It was only one day after work when he decided to give street music a go and quickly found out he was making more than his day job – thus his journey into being a full-time musician began.

Inkfields’ live experience has been on mainland Europe, with extensive tours of Germany and Austria and trips into Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and France, while playing festivals like Dumptown (Italy), Fête de la Musique-Landau (Germany) and BRN-Dresden, (Germany) and performing at ‘Berg Konzert’ at the house of the minister president of Baden Württemberg in Germany.

AAA caught up with Inkfields recently for a quick chat.




Favourite Film 

I honestly can’t give a title for my all time favourite film. There are tonnes of great films out there.

Inception is one such film that happened to be the first to come to mind.

I like films that mess with my head a bit!




Favourite Single 

My favourite single at the moment is Bully March by Pronto Mama.

One of the musical interludes in that song in particular is an absolute killer. I’ve been listening to that track fairly regularly recently.

Pronto Mama is a bit of a new discovery for me thanks to reading a few reviews on Ravechild. It’s great to know that the band also happens to live just around the corner!




Favourite Album

I went to primary school in London before moving to Edinburgh. My dad used to work in the West End there and came home one day with a Muse CD wallet featuring three tracks from the album, Origin Of Symmetry.

I popped it in the CD player and was immediately hooked.

I bought the album and it became perhaps the most significant album in terms of inspiration for my musical journey.

Apparently my dad received the CD wallet from Matthew Bellamy in person!




Favourite Gig 

My favourite gig to date was perhaps as disappointing as it was surprising.

I went to see Two Door Cinema Club play at a venue in Stuttgart, Germany.

The first support band (Blaenavon) was great, but the second support (Parcels) really stole the show.

I’m now officially an avid Parcels fan.

Unfortunately, Two Door Cinema Club was an anti-climax – they performed a very disappointing show.

I can only guess that they were a bit fed up of touring at the time.




Favourite Book 

 I used to read far more when I was younger.

Now I spend my days locked up in my ‘man cave’ pursuing various musical projects.

My grandma, aware that I happen to be a keen ocean conservationist, decided to buy me the book What A Fish Knows in an effort to lure me out of my music cave.

I gobbled up its contents within a few days. It really enlightened me in the subject of aquatic intelligence and I can thoroughly confirm that it makes an interesting read.

To find out more about Inkfields, visit inkfieldsmusic.com

Check of the video for Nights Like These below.

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