High 5, with North Sis

Home to Robyn, MØ, Lykke Li, Icona Pop, Tove Lo, Annie and Zara Larsson, Sweden just keeps churning out hugely influential female musicians.

Swedish siblings North Sis could be the next big things to come out of a Scandinavian country whose ability to punch above its weight in pop is legendary.

Following the release of their debut track Here Lies Nothing, North Sis have announced the follow up, I’m Asking You.

The new soul-influenced dance-pop single tells a tale of what happens when a relationship goes from exclusive to casual.

“It can be refreshing to enjoy each other without all the romantic hassle,” say the sisters.

The girls – Ebba Albråten, Olivia Holmberg and Fanny Albråten – began their musical journey by lending their vocals to DJs all over Europe and later went on to form the group North Sis, and regular club gigs all over Stockholm soon followed.

At the tail end of 2017, they gave a storming performance at the legendary Stockholm concert venue Berns, and this summer the group will embark on their first Swedish tour.

AAA caught up with North Sis for a quick chat.




Favourite Film 

Definitely the Lord of the Rings trilogy (if you can chose all three of them?). We love the story of how one person with the help of others can defeat evil – and the soundtrack by Howard Shore is absolutely amazing!




Favourite Single 

We have to chose Zara Larsson’s Ain’t My Fault, from her album So Good. We love Zara!




Favourite Album

We really love how Rihanna took it to the next level with Anti – almost every track on that album is a favourite, especially Consideration and Higher.




Favourite Gig 

We always love to perform at Sturecompagniet Wall in Stockholm – it’s a really nice open-air club and with lots of friends!




Favourite Book 

We are huge fans of classic literature and To Kill A Mockingbird is a book that raises awareness of race inequalities and it really is a book everyone should read!
Also, it’s still a mystery why the shooter of John Lennon had it in his pocket when he was caught.



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