High 5, with Fiona Bevan

Fiona Bevan is a songwriter to the stars. She wrote One Direction’s Little Things, with Ed Sheeran, which was No.1 in 13 countries. She wrote Steps’ chart-topping comeback single, Afraid of the Dark last year. And she’s written the new Backstreet Boys single, as well as other songs for the likes of Aurora, Rita Ora and Tom Walker.

She’s finally found some time for her own music, with a beautiful new EP – and you can hear that and more when she visits The Caves in Edinburgh on Tuesday, 4 December.

AAA caught up with Fiona for a quick Q&A ahead of the gig.

Fiona Bevan (with the Wandering Hearts), The Caves, Niddry Street, Edinburgh, doors 7pm, £14.10, 0131 510 112




Favourite Film 

Isle Of Dogs – I love anything by Wes Anderson but this one was especially moving, funny and stylish and features my hair twin 🙂

My longtime friend and collaborator Robin Baynton, who produced my new EP, worked on the music of this film and it was a thrill seeing his name in the credits.




Favourite Single

My favourite song at the moment is The Mother by Brandi Carlile.

It’s so moving and real, and I adore her storytelling and voice. She’s a beautiful, powerful force.

When I was recording Wild Angels in Los Angeles, I crept into the studio next door to watch for a while as Brandi recorded this song live for KCRW – it was transcendent.




Favourite Album

Blue by Joni Mitchell is one of my favourite albums of all time – I recently got it on vinyl which has made it into a whole new listening experience.

I love Joni’s delicate dancing voice, strange wonderful melodies and her understated strength.




Favourite Gig 

In tied first place is Dolly Parton at the Hollywood Bowl where she played eight different instruments and moved me to tears and laughter, and being squashed right in the front row for Prince playing an explosive, life-changing gig at the intimate Electric Ballroom in London.




Favourite Book 

I recently read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk for the first time – insanely fresh, inventive, hilarious, disturbing and revolutionary.

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