High 5, with Louise Connell

Scottish singer Louise Connell has announced the release of new album Squall Echo Rale – and you can hear it live when she visits the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh tonight (28 May)

Featuring some of her most powerful songs, this bumper 19-track offering is sure to resonate with fans old and new, as well as cementing her status as a gifted, emotive songwriter and a truly unique performer.

Recording and performing previously as Reverieme, Louise received critical acclaim for her first studio album, Straw Woman (2016). For her latest material, the enigmatic singer-songwriter decided it was to time to strip back the disguise and take the music forward under her own name.

“I love writing songs. I see it as catching the ideas and words that are hurling around us all and turning them into pieces of music that help life make more sense,” she says.

“Songs are the version of you that communicates with your audience, and I felt it was unnecessary to continue performing under a stage name when my songs were so openly and honestly mine (plus, it’s far easier to spell and pronounce Louise Connell than Reverieme).

“I hope this album shows the progression from where I began to where I am now.”

Ahead of her gig at Voodoo Rooms, AAA caught up with Louise for a quick High 5…


Favourite Film

I have around 800 favourite films, and I often flit between An American Werewolf in London and Army of Darkness when asked to pick one, but for this I thought I’d choose my favourite film of the last ten years, which is I, Daniel Blake. It’s such a remarkable example of filmmaking and storytelling; never mawkish, but still respectful, compelling and sincere.


Favourite Single

I’m going with Little Creatures by Talking Heads. A couple of years ago, my now-husband and I went through a phase of listening to certain artists’ entire back-catalogues. Our Talking Heads retrospective was particularly jolly, and I had so much fun listening to the tracks on all their albums, but particularly Little Creatures. The other highlight, of course, was borrowing his suit so I could dress up like David Byrne when we watched Stop Making Sense.F


Favourite Album

You need some aural respite when you’re recording an album and checking test mixes and masters every day, and right now ours is Warren Zevon. Lawyers, Guns and Money is the perfect single because it’s an hilarious, cynical lyric set to sublime pop music (I can’t overstate how funny I find his delivery of ‘Dad, get me out of here’).


Favourite Gig 

If you’d asked me last year, my answer would have been completely different, but then I saw Roger Waters’ most recent tour. It wasn’t a quiet, intimate experience, but it was visceral and aggressive in a way that rock music should be, especially now.


Favourite Book 

I’m an English teacher, so this is tricky, but I love Nine Stories/For Esme with Love and Squalor by J. D. Salinger. I can be a little evangelical about this collection of short stories, but it’s only because I love the characters and the writing so dearly. If you want to dip your toe in, I recommend ‘Teddy’ or ‘The Laughing Man’ – they’ll kill you. 

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