High 5, with Vistas

With their brand new single Calm just released on LAB Records, Edinburgh indie-pop four-piece Vistas play a hometown gig at The Caves on Sunday night (May 13).

Led by frontman Prentice Robertson’s soaring vocals, Calm showcases the band’s ability to yet again make an upbeat and catchy track, which is sure to go down a storm on the live circuit.

Of Calm, Prentice has said, “We’re buzzing to put our first track of the year out into the world!

“We can’t wait to get playing it live on the festival circuit. It’s got a chorus that’s just made for festivals!”

AAA caught up with Prentice for a chat ahead of the band’s eagerly-awaited visit to The Caves.




Favourite Film 

There’s a bunch, but I’d say Whiplash is one that stands above the rest.

I really think it shows how incredibly hard people push themselves to be world’s greatest musician and then on the other side shows the effect this has on basically every aspect of your life.

The main character loses the majority of his relationships, becomes obsessive and massively impacts his physical and mental health.

To me, it shows there’s sometimes more important things than music which can get so quickly forgotten about when you’re caught up in it all. Also the soundtrack is great.




Favourite Single 

At the moment it would be Blossoms new one, There’s a Reason Why.

Heard a lot of people saying they can hear ABBA influences in it and I think that’s a good shout.

The bassline is really interesting because you don’t really hear that in a lot of pop tunes and the chorus is just massive.

They’re a band that we’re all fans of and it’s class to see them consistently releasing great tracks.

Whole second record is great too, actually.




Favourite Album

Like the film, there’s a few but going for a personal choice I’d say Hats Off To The Buskers by The View.

It’s one of the first albums I had downloaded on my iPod and I listened to it over and over.

For me, it was particularly inspiring because The View were making albums and touring the world but at the end of the day they were just four young people from Scotland making music.

I think that, maybe more than anything, got me into writings songs and made me want to be in a band.




Favourite Gig 

I saw The Wombats at the Barrowlands a few years ago and that was really special.

It was one of those gigs where everything seemed to go perfectly and it’s like time stops and nothing outside the venue exists.

It was just a class show, nothing beats seeing one of your favourite bands in one of the best venues in the world.




Favourite Book 

Again a bit of a personal choice, but I’d say The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.

It’s a really heartwarming story – don’t really want to spoil it too much but I’d recommend it.

Always gives me an enormous sense of well-being.

Vistas, The Caves, Niddry Street, Sunday 13 May, doors 7pm, £8, 0131-510 1122


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