Interview: High 5, with Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light – aka Rod Thomas –is opening for Erasure on their current UK, which stops off at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on Saturday (February 3).

With a penchant for “drama” like Erasure, BLBL’s latest release, Little Bit, from the Choreography album (released as a digital single on January 26), captures his most euphoric and over the top loving side – it’s a song about wanting to show someone the extent of your love orchestrated by pounding drums, gorgeous synths and saxophone.

It’s accompanied by a club-friendly, deeper electronic mix by NYC’s John “J-C” Carr who gives effortless cool to the track. Listen below.

AAA caught up with Bright Light Bright Light for a quick chat ahead of his visit to Edinburgh this weekend.




Favourite Film 

At the moment I’d say Blow Out, an old Brian De Palma film with John Travolta and Nancy Allen.

It’s about a guy who’s a sound recorder for film who accidentally records an accident that turns out to be a cover-up and it’s REALLY amazing.

The soundtrack (I’m a big soundtrack nerd) is by Pino Donaggio who’s one of my favourite composers. It’s an incredible film.

For something CONTEMPORARY though, The Little Hours – a truly hilarious story about rebellious nuns and the dark underworld of the church.

Utterly brilliant.




Favourite Single 

James Yuill’s new single Back To The Sun is a really gorgeous track from his most recent album.

He’s a real national treasure in my opinion. He’s so talented and has quite a unique way of blending organic folk-leaning sounds with very sophisticated electronica.




Favourite Album

So many … let’s say of the last year, either the MUNA album or Nerina Pallot’s most recent album.

Both are incredible and showcase some very jealousy-inducing songwriting skills.

MUNA’s album is packed with attitude and raw emotion that is both heart-shattering and euphoric in equal measures, and Nerina’s album is a truly beautiful record with lush arrangements that I think is the best of her career.




Favourite Gig 

I saw Nona Hendryx in NYC a few weeks ago.

In case you don’t know her (shame on you!) she was in LaBelle who sang Lady Marmalade and her own career has produced some brilliant funk/disco/electro laden albums, most popular in the 80s.

She’s 72 now, and she was walking over people’s tables, serenading people in the audience, strutting, dancing and being a powerhouse vocalist.

It was incredible.




Favourite Book 

I’m reading Mythos by Stephen Fry at the moment, and I’m really enjoying it.

What I’d say is one of my FAVOURITE books though is Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I fell so deeply in love with that book and its weird but wonderful writing style when I lived in London almost nine years ago reading it on my commute I missed my tube stop a few times.

Bright Light Bright Light opens for Erasure at the Usher Hall on February 3

You can listen to Little Bit HERE – and then check out some more of BLBL’s infectious songs below.


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