Listen: Thom Yorke premieres Don’t Fear the Light and Gawpers

Thom Yorke’s classical compositions Don’t Fear the Light and Gawpers received their radio debut on BBC Radio 3’s Unclassified last night – and you can listen to them here.

Both original songs were premiered in concert during the Minimalist Dream House performance at the Philharmonie de Paris on April 7.

Unclassified’s broadcast of the pieces marks the first time they’ve been played on the radio.

“[French piano duo] Katia and Marielle [Labèque] suggested for a few years that I write some music for them,” Yorke told Unclassified.

“Usually I would laugh and explain that I couldn’t read music, but in truth I was intrigued by the idea.

“I realised writing for score or on a sequencer and modular gear are really not so far apart but the best part for me was watching the basics of what I’d written being brought to life by the sisters and their interpretation, making the notes theirs.”

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