Listen to new Sigur Rós music

Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros have scored the soundtrack to a new Taiwanese dance performance entitled 22° Lunar Halo – and you can check out a trailer for the performance here.

The piece, helmed by choreographer and artistic director Cheng Tsung-lung, is set to make its world premiere in Taiwan from April 13-28.

In addition to Sigur Rós’ score, Berlin and Reykjavík-based artist Kjartan Holm will act as musical director for 22° Lunar Halo.

In a statement posted on Sigur Rós’ website, the piece is described as a work that “excavates our deepest fear toward ourselves as human beings through bodies of dancers morphing into concrete symbols of anxieties, struggles, desires and loneliness in the lunatic, ever-changing world of high-end technology, and eventually leads us to a slim hope of love and inner serenity.”

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