Review: Peppa Pig’s Adventure, King’s Theatre

To those of a certain age, Peppa Pig has near pop-star-like status.

That much was evident when she arrived on stage at the King’s Theatre last week, her grand entrance eliciting high-pitched screams befitting of the billion-dollar grossing global icon she has become.

Sure, those excitable pre-schoolers in attendance will eventually have their little heads turned by the pop stars of tomorrow. But for now the precocious piglet is the object of their affection.

Peppa Pig’s Adventure stays close to the TV series and had the kids singing and giggling from beginning to end.

We join Peppa as she’s getting ready to go on an exciting camping trip to the woods with brother George and her school friends, including Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep and Gerald Giraffe.

New girl Daisy strikes up a strong rapport with the audience and gets the kids involved in a game of hide-and-seek as she looks for Peppa.

A quick music lesson later and the gang head off into the woods – and it’s here the fun really begins. Cue lots of singing and dancing, games, and, of course, jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

The most impressive part is when the lights dim and the young audience are introduced to the wildlife in the woods – frogs, bats, owls, and most impressively, the magical fireflies, which draw plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the excitable young crowd, many of whom will have been watching live theatre for the first time.

In a nustshell, Peppa Pig’s Adventure is a whole lot of fun and, at 90 minutes, with a 20-minute interval, it is just about the right length for its young audience.

The show comes to a thrilling climax as Peppa and her pals get the young ‘uns up on their feet for a mass singalong.

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