Watch Thom Yorke perform Unmade live for the first time

Radiobhead frontman Thom Yorke gave the Suspiria track Unmade its live debut as his solo tour kicked off in the US. You can watch fan-footage of the performance below.

Yorke recently penned the score for the remake of classic horror movie Suspiria – his maiden attempt at composing a full film score.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1’s The Chillest Show recently, Yorke discussed his work on the soundtrack – and admitted he was “jealous” of bandmate Jonny Greenwood’s work on film scores.

“If I was honest with myself, I was a little bit jealous but felt that I couldn’t [do it] so I never tried,” Yorke told DJ Phil Taggart, when asked if having someone experienced in score work like Greenwood in his band made embarking on the project easier.

“Jonny’s just so far ahead – he understands orchestration works, he can read music, he’s studied it all. I mean, he sits there studying scores. For Paul Thomas Anderson’s last film, he went away and read all the scores from the period of the composers of the time. That is not gonna happen with me cos I can’t read music.”

He continued: “So he’s out there off on his travels and he knows what he’s doing, whereas I’m totally scratching the surface, purely amateur. It stayed like that for a while and then I suddenly found myself committing to do a horror film and then thinking, ‘Well, it’s a horror film, I can just make loads of weird noises. It’ll be fun.’

“There was way more to it than that and it was more melodic than that and more adventurous, and I was having to write choral pieces just using my own voice and many, many different things. So I’m a sucker.”

Yorke also performed piano versions of Suspirium from the score and Radiohead’s Everything In Its Right Place – you can listen to both below, along with the first ever live airing of the Suspiria track Unmade from the US tour.

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