Ashton Lane heading to London’s O2

Husband and wife duo Ashton Lane are set to wow fans as they head to London next month to grace the stage of The 02.

The band, who formed after singer-songwriter Esther Duffin met her now husband Tim O’Connor at one of her solo gigs in a venue at Glasgow’s Ashton Lane, will be performing at the famous Country To Country Festival after the release of their latest single One Kiss Later.

The dynamic duo are no strangers to the country music scene, having played in Nashville, and their most recent album Nashville Heart was well received on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ashton Lane have also achieved considerable success online, with over 1.5 million views of their YouTube Kitchen Sessions, over 40,000 Twitter followers, and a large following of dedicated fans.

O’Connor’s musical heritage go back to her childhood. She remembers being out on tour at only five years of age with Elton John on his US tour, accompanying her dad’s band, Wet Wet Wet.

“The excitement of the live shows and a love of travelling got under my skin very early,” says O’Connor. “I loved everything from the hotels, to turning up at the venues for sound checks… and the catering.

“It was all great fun from start to finish, and I definitely got bitten by the bug!”.

Ashton Lane’s new single, One Kiss Later, is out on 29 February.