AAA’s Hottest Record of the Week

Here at AAA Towers, we’ve always been partial to a bit Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes. Even if she does no longer dress like an extra from Labyrinth.

natWe were right down the front when the Brighton belle played at the HMV Picture House in 2009, and we were in attendance at the same venue three years later when she ditched the trademark shimmery face paints, gold headdresses and hippy accessories to promote The Haunted Man, the third album in her Bat For Lashes guise.

“Maybe to other people it seems like I’ve tried to reinvent myself, but it’s not in a Madonna-y conscious way,” she told AAA content editor Gary Flockhart ahead of the gig. “I don’t want to go out wearing glittery headbands again because I did that seven years ago.”

Fair enough. The Haunted Man was Khan’s best album to date – no mean feat considering she notched Mercury nominations for her previous two offerings, Fur And Gold and Two Suns.

Four years later, that Bat’s back and readying herself to release new album The Bride, which is out in July.

Initially conceived as a film, The Bride eventually became a full studio album, containing some musings on love, loss, grief and relationships.

Ahead of the album’s release comes the soaring new single Sunday Love, with an accompanying video in which a wedding dress-clad Khan races around the Californian desert at night in pursuit of her stricken husband-to-be (or not to be, as is the case). Watch it below.

Sunday Love, a darkly romantic synth-pop number, is one of the best tracks of the year so far – and naturally, it’s our Hottest Record of the Week.

Khan recently aired new material during a series of low-key gigs at church venues, but sadly, Edinburgh was not on the touring schedule that time.

Here’s hoping it is when the time comes to promote The Bride properly.

Just don’t try and book the HMV Picture House this time, Natasha. It closed down three years ago…