AAA’s Hottest Record of the Week

Scottish electro-pop trio Chvrches have joined forces with Paramore’s Hayley Williams for a brand new version of Every Open Eye track Bury It – and it’s our hottest record of the week. Listen to it below.

“We are all big fans of Paramore – musically, and in terms of the ethos of the band and the way they connect with their fanbase – but I also hugely admire Hayley as a vocalist and lyricist,” says Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry.

“It always feels like she puts so much of herself into her music and that’s something we aspire to as well. Hayley is such a unique voice and having her be a part of something Chvrches wrote is incredibly exciting.”

The track is available to buy digitally now.

“It’s been the coolest getting to know Chvrches after having been a fan of the band for a while,” Williams adds. “When they came to Nashville last year and we talked about hanging at their show, on the inside I was like, ‘Please please ask me to sing with you?’.”

Chvrches – comprised of Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Mayberry – went down a storm when they played the Waverley Stage at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.