AAA’s Hottest Record Of The Week

As anyone who witnessed her spectacular set on Glastonbury’s Other Stage at the weekend will tell you, Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine & The Queens, is going to be a huge star before the year is out.

CATQ’S make what Letissier describes as “freakpop”, and frankly, we can’t get enough of it here at AAA Towers.

Nantes-born Letissier is already a big star in her home country, and she’s set to repeat the trick in the UK and the US.

The first Christine & the Queens album, Chaleur Humaine, has been re-recorded partly in English, and it’s been well received, to say the least.

As such, a backlash seems inevitable – but bring it on, says Letissier. “I have an obsession with haters: the great mess of the internet expressing itself,” the 28-year-old states. “I love to type my name on Twitter and read everything.

“It’s always enlightening to see what they hate about you: I’m not pretty enough to be on stage, or my music doesn’t make any sense. It feels good to read that, like I’m heading in the right direction!”

That she is and, truth told, we could have picked out any one of Christine & The Queens’ shimmering pop songs as our Hottest Record Of The Week – but we’ll keep things simple here by opting for her current single, Tilted.

Check it out below.