Anna Morris: It’s Got To Be Perfect, review

There’s something about planning a wedding that can make even the most rational women lose their minds. Months of planning can become more stressful than a house move, whilst what colour of plates to serve dinner on can seem to become almost as big a dilemma as deciding which man to marry.

For comedian and YouTube sensation Anna Morris, the lengths some brides will go to in order to ensure everything from the dress to the invitations to the entertainment is nothing less than absolutely perfect provides great material for an hour of laugh-out-loud interactive comedy.

In It’s Got to Be Perfect, Morris assumes the role of Georgina, a spoilt, posh and extravagant bridezilla who recruits her audience to stand in as the ‘guests’ for one of her many wedding rehearsals. A best man, bridesmaid, fiancée and father-in-law are all hand-selected from the audience, giving Morris the opportunity to prove she’s as good at improvisation as she is at character comedy.

Dressed in full wedding attire for the duration of the show, Morris completely immerses herself in the ridiculous character of Georgina and, in doing so, manages to make the audience go from hating her guts to sympathising with her. A free show that would be worth buying an expensive ticket for.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn close!

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Words: Amy Anderson



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