Bay City Rollers’ guitarist “Woody” explains why he quit band

Former Bay City Rollers guitarist Stuart “Woody” Wood has spoken out about his recent departure from the 70s sensations – branding the treatment his wife has received since he quit the Shang-A-Lang hitmakers last weekend as “disgusting”.

He also had harsh words for bandmembers Les McKeown (“selfish”) and Alan Longmuir (“a liar”).

Wood, who only hours before the Edinburgh band’s appearance at T in the Park used social media to announce the show would be his last with the reformed rockers, took to Facebook again, this time to “address a couple of points for a few people” he feels have been misled by reports that have appeared in the press and on line since his departure.

Prior to this, Wood talked to The Sun newspaper about the reasons behind his shock exit, saying he had hoped the Rollers’ reformation last year would have “been a fresh start” and that each band member would have “earned £1million over the next two years”.

He went on to blame frontman Les McKeown for scuppering their chances, claiming “Les has ruined it because of his greed.

“When we got back together, Les agreed he would dedicate one year to us as a band,” continued Wood. “I was very optimistic — but it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour.

“Fans were under the impression that Les’ shows were Bay City Rollers gigs. I was getting messages from fans pissed off with me for not turning up at gigs — but they were Les’ shows.”

Now, Wood has gone even further with his explanation as to why things turned sour.

Taking to his Facebook account tonight, Wood posted the following:

Blurred facts
Most of you have been very supportive which I thank you for but feel I need to address a couple of points for a few people:
1 – We all agreed a 1-2 year plan to focus on the BCR reunion before the initial press conference late 2015. The BCR’s had been contracted for the 8 x 2015 Christmas shows with big plans to book tours throughout 2016 and beyond. The only other gig booked was the recent 2016 TITP. After the very successful 2015 Christmas shows Les, without us knowing, selfishly went on to book gigs throughout 2016 and 2017 for his own band leaving no room for the reunion (Very annoying), he also booked a 2017 Japan tour again and looking at a USA tour only for his own band. I could see a continuing pattern which is ultimately why I left. He was using all the big BCR reunion press etc for his own gains and not what I got on-board for.
2 – In August 2015 or thereabouts and before the reunion it was always up to Alan whether he did gigs with Les or not. The issue was he lied to me about joining Les for the 2015 Japan tour even though Les had threatened to sue Denise and I for loss of earnings because I had challenged Les’s misuse of the trademarked BCR name. Denise and I could have lost our home had it gone further thanks to Alan lying to me. After Les and Alan’s early 2016 Japan shows I was asked by the media why I wasn’t there. I said I had ‘college commitments’ to show solidarity and avoid an awkward situation. I would have loved to have played in Japan as the BCR’s but was never asked. In my opinion Alan was only asked so Les could justify using the name.
3 – Les blaming Denise and using her as an easy target for the break-up is just ridiculous. She was trying to make clear the fact Alan and I were not on Les’s solo album (which he lied about) and was done no doubt because he was trying to boost sales. He continued to lie stating Alan played bass on one of his tracks…not true, why not ask Les or Alan to clarify? The treatment Denise has had from some Les fans is misinformed and quite disgusting to be honest and not helping anything. Eileen Longmuir’s public physical assault on Denise, which I was witness to, was very ugly and Eileen was lucky it wasn’t taken further. In my opinion this all came about once again because of Les and his lying to fans saying Alan was playing on his album. Rightly or wrongly Denise stated the facts trying to point that out. Eileen’s over reaction by posting a private message from Denise exacerbated things and only served, in my opinion, Les’s divide and conquer.
4 – I only went to the press to get the truth out there but this seems to be getting twisted by various people by trying to push the blame elsewhere. Please just look at the facts.
5 – I’m aware that you don’t really want to hear about the business side as this should all be about the entertainment but I’ve had no choice. For the record there’s no winners here, it’s an ugly mess and I’m still upset Les has done this as what a waste of a massive opportunity to get a second kick at the ball.
6 – All this is so petty and ridiculous when you consider the real problems going on in the world today and I apologise to you but feel this needs some clarity.
7 – I feel I tried everything to keep this going even hoping that we could get Eric and possibly Derek on board as things progressed…it had very exciting prospects! Such a shame it was never given the chance.
The following reactions are some examples of how people were being misled by Les, thinking I was part his future gigs…

News of his Wood’s departure from the Rollers at the weekend came as a huge shock to fans of the band, who became one of the most successful groups of all time after they burst upon the scene in the early Seventies, selling an estimated 70 million records.

And it had all seemed so promising when the band got back together late last year.

Only last week, in an exclusive interview with AAA, Wood said: “It is quite amazing that we are getting another kick at the ball…it just goes to show that good songs never die and hopefully a new Bay City Roller album at the end of the year can add to that.”

When asked if the band had any plans to tour together internationally after the success of their Scottish reunion shows, he added: “I’m personally hoping we tour further afield.”


  • <cite class="fn">sharon</cite>

    woody leaving is not a surprise. his wife is a internet menace. it was about time it was all exposed. i hope this is the last we hear of this

  • <cite class="fn">Deborah marshall</cite>

    I’m sorry to hear of your personal troubles and the greed apparently happening. I was a big fan and was looking forward to a reunion tour here in the states. I am sorry that you guys couldn’t get along. Its a bunch of mullarky and I hope you,can all sit down like grown men and women and get this off the table and get the band back together, also to include Derek and Eric. What an epic show that would be….

  • <cite class="fn">Katie Fermonobrowe</cite>

    Oh the Woods are so infamous for starting things and rumours pertaining my most lovely one who has my heart. I wish the would vanquish into their abyssmal standings as not to take up the love we share with our darling boyfriend. This is a travesity that such lies are besrowed upon one so worthy of all the love in the world

  • <cite class="fn">Rod Angeloni</cite>

    Stuart blamed his decision to quit on Les, claiming the frontman has been cashing in on the Rollers’ reunion with a string of solo shows. The 59-year-old also insists McKeown drove a wedge between him and his best mate Alan, after going on a tour of Japan with the guitarist earlier this year behind Woody’s back.

  • <cite class="fn">Russ Laskoskie</cite>

    They split in 1978, with bitter battles over money between band members and managers dragging on for decades, but set in motion a new wave of Rollermania with their recent return to the concert circuit. I never thought we would be invited, but things have changed for the Bay City Rollers over the last six months , he said.

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