Bay City Rollers split up for good – read official statement here

Just days after the unveiling of a new plaque celebrating the Seventies sensations, the Bay City Rollers have announced they are splitting for good.

You can read the official statement from the band below.

It has been widely reported that Les McKeown, Stuart “Woody” Wood and Alan Longmuir have been involved in a number of bust-ups since getting back together last December – now the band say that this time they are splitting up for good.

It means their upcoming Christmas tour, including a December 11 Glasgow Hydro gig, will be their last.

In July, Wood quit the Rollers after their set at T in the Park, though he shortly rejoined the band.

Last month, they had yet another bust-up – this time on live TV.

Living up to their old ‘Bay City Brawlers’ nickname, Wood reacted angrily when McKeown tried to plug his solo album at the start of STV’s Live At Five show.

According to reports, Woody tried to snatch the CD out of McKeown’s hands, which sparked an angry confrontation during the broadcast, as there had been an agreement that solo projects were not to be discussed when on promotional duties with the Rollers.

The album was then thrown across the studio floor, with Woody storming off and leaving McKeown and fellow Longmuir to finish the interview on their own.

Talking about the split McKeown said: “We’ve had tremendous fun. But we think now is the time for us to say one last thank-you to our fans and bid them farewell.”

Wood said: “We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve always done our best to give our fans the best experience and we’re going out on a high.”

Longmuir added: “I’m not ashamed to say I’ll have a little tear in my eye as we say bye bye to the greatest fans.”

Manager John McLaughlin said: “The boys have agreed they have taken it as far as they can.

“They’re in a great spot right now and they want to go out with a bang with their amazing Christmas shows.”



  • <cite class="fn">Lisa Creaton</cite>

    I am not surprised in the least bit, without any structured management, Les will ruin everything, as he usually does. Les in unwell and needs help. He seeks attention from fans, calling them girlfriends, disrespects his wife, and fans, i.e. me for trying to post a pic of his new CD that I purchased from him. He deleted me off “Rollermania” which I don’t care and his personal FB. I have been a fan for 40 years and have enough drama in my own life, let alone to be foolish enough to follow in the footsteps of Les McKeown’s drama. He is all for himself and I pity the band members who play with him currently. An ex-Les fan

  • <cite class="fn">Robin Nortum</cite>

    I will forever play their songs. I am a Die hard fan.

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