Bay City Rollers would only return with Eric Faulkner and Derek Longmuir

Following the news they are to split when their current tour comes to an end, Bay City Rollers guitarist Stuart “Woody” Wood has said they would only return to the stage if they are joined by the other two members, Eric Faulkner and Derek Longmuir, from their most famous line-up.

He said: “If they could get the five of us together that would be something special.

“It’s been nice the three of us but it just doesn’t feel quite right to continue as the Bay City Rollers.”

Singer Les McKeown added: “People shouldn’t be devastated that this is our last tour — they should see it as a new beginning as I’ve got a solo album out.”

Guitarist Alan Longmuir refused to rule out a reunion somewhere down the line, saying: “Never say never.”

Rollers manager John McLaughlin revealed fans have started an online petition to keep the band together.

He said: “People love the Rollers and they don’t want this to be their last show. We’ll see what happens.”

As reported on AAA recently, just days after the unveiling of a new plaque celebrating the Seventies sensations, the Rollers announced they are splitting for good.

In July, Wood quit the Rollers after their set at T in the Park, though he shortly rejoined the band.

Last month, they had yet another bust-up – this time on live TV.

Living up to their old ‘Bay City Brawlers’ nickname, Wood reacted angrily when McKeown tried to plug his solo album at the start of STV’s Live At Five show.

According to reports, Woody tried to snatch the CD out of McKeown’s hands, which sparked an angry confrontation during the broadcast, as there had been an agreement that solo projects were not to be discussed when on promotional duties with the Rollers.

The album was then thrown across the studio floor, with Woody storming off and leaving McKeown and fellow Longmuir to finish the interview on their own.


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