Bay City Rollers: “Woody” explains why things turned sour again

A few months back, we broke the news that Bay City Rollers guitarist Stuart “Woody” Wood had quit the band following their appearance at T in the Park.

Back then, the 58-year-old, who lives in Edinburgh, posted the following on social media site Twitter: ‘Hi All…just to say TITP is my last gig. Disappointed is an understatement but outwith my control.’

His decision to leave the band came as a huge surprise to fans, who, only a few months earlier, had been buoyed by the return of the Seventies sensations after many years of silence.

Today (September 9), Wood has taken to Facebook (read his post below) to explain the reasons for his departure – and not for the first time, he’s putting the blame firmly at the door of frontman Les McKeown.

He wrote: Hi All…This may sound like sour grapes well it is. I tried to get things back on track even having a lawyer draw up a deal that protects everyone including management, agents and promoters. One of my main issues was to stop Les booking gigs for his band using the name incorrectly as he continues to do, he’s now using the BCR logo on his band’s drum kit, not only disrespectful but more deceit and hurt. Les recently posted he wanted me back and apologised for everything. I stupidly believed him not realising Christmas tickets were going on sale soon and this was just a another lie. We were meant to have a phone conversation with management…it didn’t happen…I’ve emailed him though no response…you tell me! I feel for you guys because this was meant to be fun and simple but has once again become nasty and deceitful. I’m going to do another video shortly to reveal the whole sordid mess. Best Wishes, Woody x

In July, shortly after he quit the Rollers, Wood branded the treatment his wife has received since he quit the Shang-A-Lang hitmakers as “disgusting”.

Talking to The Sun newspaper about the reasons behind his shock exit, he said he had hoped the Rollers’ reformation last year would have “been a fresh start” and that each band member would have “earned £1million over the next two years”.

He went on to blame McKeown for scuppering their chances, claiming “Les has ruined it because of his greed”.

“When we got back together, Les agreed he would dedicate one year to us as a band,” continued Wood. “I was very optimistic — but it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour.

“Fans were under the impression that Les’ shows were Bay City Rollers gigs. I was getting messages from fans pissed off with me for not turning up at gigs — but they were Les’ shows.”

The Bay City Rollers became one of the most successful groups of all time after they burst upon the scene in the early Seventies, selling an estimated 70 million records.

The reformed band – featuring McKeown, Longmuir and Wood – triggered a new wave of Rollermania in September when they announced a string of comeback gigs before going on to be honoured with a Living Legends award at Scotland’s music industry Oscars.

Last month, McKeown released a solo album on August 22 called The Lost Songs.

Click HERE to read our exclusive interview with McKeown.


  • <cite class="fn">Shayne Lewis</cite>

    Well for starters even when Mr. Wood and Mr. Longuir were on the stage , it was Mr. McKeown’s band on there with them. A common sense move as they are tight as a group musically, so he could then trot out the “Golden Age” Rollers out for the pop from the fans, without worrying about members who haven’t played regularily for 36 years. It does not appear their skills have gotten better. If it was me my chops would have been so impressive that Steve Via would be stopping by and asking for guitar tips. Now the greed aspect. Les plays over 340 shows a years as Les McKeowns Bay City Rollers. He is keeping the name alive with hard work. If you think you will just walk in with decayed skills and expect to be full business partners, you need to let the air out your ego and remember it is “Music Biz” not “Music Friends” or “Music Party”. KISS members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss discovered when the went on the “Reunion Tour” that they were highly paid non owners of the brand.They were basically well paid sidemen not partners. A million pounds sounds decent to me for a band that recieves virtually no radio airplay in North America. Les tours Canada frequently and sells out every time. Been to 3 of his shows and they are great. And I’m a Heavy Metal recording artist/ Publisher. Now if the other “Golden Age” Rollers think they need higher pay, sure show me your box office value, your successful solo albums, television, and gossip page appearances as solo artists. Don Henley could argue for higher dough on an Eagles tour, because he could easily tour solo and do very well. Those Woody Wood tours would really light the World on fire, only because people would show up by mistake thinking it was Ron Wood from the Stones. Again Ron Wood is legit solo artist and former Member of Rod Stewarts “Faces”. My advice is to sign on the dotted line, smile for the camera, and cash the damn cheque. You have a chance of winning the lottery again, and this time keep it for yourself and you are blowing it because someone else who has busted their ass for years keeping the franchise afloat is making more dough than you? Get a grip on reality.

    • <cite class="fn">Susan C</cite>

      Beautifully written…but you forgot one thing. LEAVE YOUR WIFE AT HOME!!

      • <cite class="fn">Steph</cite>

        Les’s shows in Australia barely had anyone turn up. The Legendary’s are not The Bay City Rollers. I think he should of stuck to their plan of making it about The BCR for the year or two they worked out and forgetting Legendary for a bit. If they wanted this to work that would need to of happened.
        les sadly will always be Les. He caused the problems during the 1985 Australian tour and just took off leaving Woody and Ian to finish the tour. Les cannot be trusted. Time to move on and remember the boys as they were. I won’t ever see Les in concert again, not worth it. I want more than one Roller.

        • <cite class="fn">Dee Stanley</cite>

          Well said I always thought Les was a t**t! I must have been the only girl who disliked no truly hated him. Eric was the guy for me. Can anyone give me any info. on his health please please [email protected] Truly grateful

    • <cite class="fn">Robert Santaniello</cite>


    • <cite class="fn">LAD</cite>

      Shayne Lewis, I don’t know what you’re smoking mate, but you need to put it down. You are weaving some strange tale that has no factual basis.

    • <cite class="fn">dee</cite>

      What is happening now is a huge slap in the face to the REAL BCR members. Those men on stage with the one “golden age” roller, are NOT the BCR’s, never will be. They need to cease advertising as such. It’s not a franchise…look up the definition. The original members of the BCR have been through the ringer many years. Do your research. The one “golden age roller” quit the BCR more then once. The only reason he is using the BCR name is to draw attention to him, because there are so many die hard BCR fans around the world, and the thought of a reunion would bring out the masses. Then they to go to the show, and it’s just the one along with a karaoke band/backup band, that’s an insult. But, that golden age roller hasn’t changed one bit. Always out for himself and could care less what he does to others along the way. It was all a ploy to promote himself, to get the most exposure USING the BCR name and BEGGING for the other two to join him, because he knew that him alone with his backup band, wouldn’t bring out the masses. Legally it’s a mess. Karma is an equalizer and for those that have done wrong, it will come back to them.

      • <cite class="fn">Barbara Provence</cite>

        They’re not the Bay City Rollers, without Eric Faulkner, Stuart “Woody” Wood, Les McKeown, Derek Longmuire and Alan Longmuir. It would be so great to get those five together. I also would love to see Ian MIthchell, Pat McGlynn, and Duncan Faure be part of that tour. They each had a part in the Rollers success. I heard that Eric didn’t want to join them, and Derek too. Now, maybe I see they had their reasons. Maybe they knew that Les’s ego would get the best of him, and the band as a whole. I don’t think they should be able to use the name Bay City Rollers, unless those original five lads are there.

      • <cite class="fn">Lisa B</cite>

        Well said dee.

    • <cite class="fn">Jason Stewart</cite>

      Your “facts” are totally FICTION in regards to Les McKeown being what you believe to be the rightful owner of THE BAY CITY ROLLERS. First of all, he DOESN’T own the trademark “Bay City Rollers”. Stuart Wood and Alan Longmuir do. So HIS incarnation of the BCR MUST have the addition “Les MecKeown’s Legendary” or “Starring Les McKeown”. Also, your statement that Woody hasn’t been playing regularly in the past 36 years is total B.S.. He is a well-established, award-winning producer/performer of Celtic music and has done a multitude of session work for other artists.
      Comparing Woody and Alan to Peter and Ace of KISS is totally Misinformed! They have NEVER been “employees” of Les MecKeown’s band. If anything, it should be the other way around. Check your facts before you make such Comments!

    • <cite class="fn">S T</cite>

      You miss the point. McKeown lied to them and the fans. It was the Bay City Rollers not Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers. It’s not Mick Jagger’s Rolling Stones or Ronnie Wood and the Faces is it?
      Could you work with a partner that lies to you?

  • <cite class="fn">Linda Eli</cite>

    This was hyped as “Reunion Tour” not Les and the Legendaries with special guess appearance by…? Les and his band have been around for a long time according to stories I’ve read since the Reunion brought about alot of notice and recognition and you could go see them any time. This was supposed to be the original members, come as they are, and is what fans were expecting and paying for. It’s pretty obvious the confusion was encouraged. It seems to me the smart thing would have been to run with what was bringing all the ticket sales in instead of sticking with the old song and dance that evidently was not bringing in the same type of attention or revenue as the REAL Bay City Rollers, otherwise why would Les mess with success? It’s a real shame the boys and the fans have been cheated out of a wonderful opportunity by a less than honest situation.

  • <cite class="fn">jeanette smith</cite>

    I totaly agree there,Shayne, Les has done a fantastic job of keeping the bay city rollers music alive, no one can blame him for that,surely. ive been a fan since the age of 12.chad all the tartan gear,made my clothes,wallpapered my bedroom in posters of them music, everything,but one thing i didnt have of the chance to see them live, but now thanx to Les im able to do that. so i say fare play to him.

  • <cite class="fn">Rhonda Rainwater</cite>

    Les and his band are not the Bay City Rollers. He has consistently violated his agreement with the other members. And as a fan I couldn’t care less about Les’ band. I wanted to see Woody, Alan, and Leslie together. Nothing wrong with Les’ group backing them. But it isn’t all about the money. It’s about trust and trust matters to MOST people. Just not all people.

  • <cite class="fn">Ellen coulter</cite>

    It’s not Les McKeown bay city rollers his band was together before him it was great to see them back in dec but Les you need to get a grip stop taking the fans as mugs you just in it for what you can get so stop it start to be honest with yourself and us as well people would respect you more

  • <cite class="fn">Susan King</cite>

    Hi, I do not think anyone is denying Les the right to perform the songs he made famous, with permission from those who wrote them if they were ex band members. The Bay City Rollers brought joy to many teenage hearts, original members and also with Ian, Pat and Duncan.
    I believe the point is that Les was going to reunite with some original members, which we all now know is not happening. This could be advertised as the Bay City Rollers but as he is now just playing with his legendary Bay City Rollers, which he has been doing for a while the advertising has still been for THE Bay City Rollers, causing confusion as Woody has told.
    We can all play the blame game but it is a case of “commerce without morality” for whatever reasons.

  • <cite class="fn">Wood</cite>

    Les McKeown is the biggest arrogant arsehole to ever walk this planet. Just wish his ‘fans’ would see through his bullshit.. Wake up and smell the coffee people, he’s a little self centred prick

  • <cite class="fn">Steph</cite>

    Les is not the BCR, he is one person in the group. It would be like Paul McCartney billing himself as The Beatles.
    I think Les is a very cunning man, who has an agenda and it’s all about him. He’s not happy unless he is in the spotlight.
    Which, is really sad because this could of been something great. I really feel for Stuart, he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he has and I do not condone his wife’s behaviour at all. I do not condone her fb page filled with hate and language and it’s public for all to see. But, I do understand their frustrations and hurt and I commend Stuart for talking the high road in his posts.
    What I do not understand is Les said he was wrong and wanted Woody back and then he goes and stuffs it up again, so I can only come to the conclusion he was using this as a ploy in ticket sales. I don’t think Les’s back up band should of even been included with the reunion. They should of got new back up members, as after the drummer left he commented on Stuart’s page stating it indeed was the case that Les was the person Stuart was claiming him to be. All about Les.
    I think I will just leave my memories of the boys from the 70’s and early 80’s.

    • <cite class="fn">Lisa B</cite>

      It really does all just seem dodgy doesn’t it. I think it’s fine for the Legendary boys to be included – in the absence of Eric and Derek, as they know the material well and they have been a part of Les’ “Legendary BCR” band for quite a few years. I think they should have been the ones off to the side though rather than Alan & Woody, in the reunion gigs. Still there but on the outside so it could be the original BCRs front & centre. As Les said, his band members still have mortgages to pay and being Legendary band members is their regular job – so I think that’s fine. Even fine for Les to have continued to do some Legendary stuff over that 1-2 year period – but as was agreed, totally prioritising the Reunion gigs. and that just didn’t happen – which is so wrong, and deceitful.

  • <cite class="fn">dee</cite>

    Lord you people are blinded. Anyone that differs get’s deleted. The article is favoring one side, which is SO obvious. I’m sure there are legalities that not everyone is previed to, regarding the use of names, use of logos and royalties. BCR is a business. Karaoke bands or back up bands shouldn’t be using a legal name. When Paul McCartney went out on his own, did he use Paul McCartney and the Beatles? NO, he either went out on his own, or Paul McCartney and the Wings. You know why? Because Beatles were owned by someone or some company. Get it? Think people before putting up rubbish.

  • <cite class="fn">Grace Leonard</cite>

    Les does NOT have legal rights to use either the name or the logo of Bay city rollers, and in fact he had to change the logo on the drum set to include the word “legendary”. One man does not make the band the The Bay City Rollers, that name refers to FIVE persons, eight if you include members who were only with the band briefly. Les is NOT the one who kept the music of the BCR alive; there were three bands at one time consisting of original members, and until his illness Eric Faulkner, the driving force behind the original band, also toured with a Bay City Roller band. However, Eric always included his name in the band name, unlike Les, who is obviously trying to be decietful

  • <cite class="fn">Donna neal</cite>

    Aren’t we all like 50 something now????

  • <cite class="fn">Genevieve Smart</cite>


  • <cite class="fn">Barbara Carr</cite>

    The irony of the situation is that Stuart vetoes Les’s use of the band name, but without Les there is no Bay City Rollers. And he thinks Les and his fans just don’t seem to get it. The way I see it, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. There is nothing to lose except a million bucks.

  • <cite class="fn">Lisa B</cite>

    I’ve seen Les and the Legendaries playing BCR songs and they were great. I’ve seen Eric with his band performing BCR songs – also great. I saw Woody, Alan, Les & the two other guys from Les’ Legendaries in December – and it was PHENOMENAL!!! (It was a shame though that Woody & Alan weren’t more front and centre, with the two non-BCR band members to the side. )

    This is all so sad. They had the potential to do a worldwide 3-BCR reunion – with the possibility of Eric joining them it was rumoured. Who knows if maybe even Derek might have been persuaded. Now THAT would’ve been INCREDIBLE! An opportunity to reform and make a lot of fans VERY happy, and the possibility of the fellas themselves finally recouping some $$ from the BCRs. What an awful shame that one person’s greed, arrogance, dishonesty and deceit has had to spoil all that. I can’t believe some people can’t see that. Les’ shortsightedness has cost them all – and the fans too, sadly.

    I don’t know if it’s possible for Les to find some integrity before it really is too late – possibly already is – but if he doesn’t he’s shot himself in the foot as well as everyone else. Absolute stupidity.

  • <cite class="fn">Meg Z</cite>

    History repeats itself. Sadly Mr Wood has done nearly the same thing that he accused Mr McKeown of back in 1999 at a BayCity Roller fan gathering in Toronto. Many fans had travelled and paid money to see Mr Wood perform with another band member Mr Faure. Mr Wood played two songs and then left the stage to attend an event solely dedicated to his Celtic music. Mr Faure continued to perform for the fans for an hour. Mr Wood forgot that he probably wouldn’t have had a career in Celtic music had it not been for the fans that were at that gathering. The point is – if his biggest gripe is that Mr McKeown was also booking gigs with his own band and that took away the momentum of the Bay City Rollers, well he should take a look in the mirror. With the exception of the members who are no longer in the music business, they are all guilty of the same to some degree at some point. On the other hand, there are no surprises here. Wasn’t there a member’s solo album titled Ego Trip? 😉

    • <cite class="fn">Carli</cite>

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  • <cite class="fn">B.B. Hugs</cite>

    D. Wood is a foul mouthed imbicile who preys on well meaning fans. If it weren’t for fans support and the buying of her trinkets where would they be? Fans who have supported Woody should be treated with respect, if it weren’t for them, would Woody or any of the BCR’s be remembered at all.

    Big Bear Hugz and peace 2 all

  • <cite class="fn">Luke'yboy</cite>

    The Bay City Rollers story from my point of view
    I worked with a Bay City Rollers line up circa 1988/89/90
    The line up included Eric Faulkner in 1988.Woody joined in sept 1989 and Alan Longmuir feb 1990.It was Erics band.
    What gets to me is everytime a new BCR line up is announced in the media or when the new line up is interviewed on TV they say they have not played together or even communicated with each other since 1978.
    Thats rubbish, heres The Rollers story from 1979 onwards.I was there or there abouts most of the time be it as a fan to start with or helping them out on tour.
    I wont go into the years 1971 to 1978 as that is already well documented.
    In 1979 Les leaves BCRs to go solo.
    The Rollers with Derek,Alan, woody,and Eric tour and release three out of 4 albums recorded between 1979 and 1981.A new Roller is introduced called Duncan Faure(Lead vocals)That line up recorded in my opinion the best rollers music to date.
    In 1982 Duncan leaves and Les mckeown came back.
    they toured japan however this is when i would say they started the so called golden oldie circuit.Singing only old songs,they did do the odd new one.Money for old rope Eric called it at the time.
    In 1983/84 more golden oldie tours mainly in Japan and OZ,with the inclusion of Ian Mitchell and Pat mcglynn.
    A new album recorded in 1985 just after Alan and Derek leave the group called Breakout comes out.Their last to date.
    An Australian tour in Aug 1985 turns into disaster.
    A mass browl much worse than what happened in 1978 pursues amongst members of the band.
    Eric leaves the rollers and comes back to Britain.
    The other rollers carry on playing gigs n Australia on the golden oldie circuit singing the old hits up untll around Apr 1986.The venues were getting smaller.
    Eric meanwhile starts his own band up EFCO in 1986
    which turns into New Rollers 1987.
    However the poster/flyers at some gigs advertise them as been The Bay City Rollers.Many member join leave re join all of which are new members.Then in 1989 Woody rejoins then feb 1990 Alan.
    Les had been tryng another solo carreer since 1987.
    However in 1991 starts a new band up includeing Ian Mtchell and calls it Bay City Rollers.Pat mcglyn did the odd gig too but not the same time as Ian.
    Court case starts for right to use name BCR.
    Erics band wins so Eric has right to the name.Les has to put his name before BCR when advertsing gigs.
    1996 Alan leaves Erics band.1996/97 Eric n Woody tour as BCRs.1998 All five attempt to get back together.
    All that happens in 3 years is a one off gig n Scotland dec 31st 1999.Some Japan apps plus a few docs all saying more or less……we have not spoke to each other since 1978!
    That band splits july 2000 and Les start s Les BCRs touring again.
    Then last year Alan n Woody join Les BCRs.
    Eric did not join for reasons below
    Erics a musician. Les’s session musicians were playing the main music whilst Alan n Woody just stood there at the front holding guitars.I am sure they were playing some chords however the session musicians drowned their guitars out.
    Woody leaves that band.
    Woody now starts talking to Eric again(its on woods facebook).
    So heres what happens next Les carrys on with his line up with Alan making the odd app.
    Eric n Woody start up again as out for that one. am sure its on the cards ah ah

    The main reason for so many failed comebacks is simple
    They all want to do the old songs as they want to do them.And all want to do their own music.
    They are all so different(listen to their solo stuff for that one and work it out yourself).They is not room for 2 or 3 bosses n a 4 or 5 man line up.
    Hope this has explained a few things.

    • <cite class="fn">Darence</cite>

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  • <cite class="fn">Patricia</cite>

    Just keep the wives out of it. They make assumptions and voice their opinions and spoil everything. Nice to see that one of them deleted or hid all her negative posts.

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