Born To Be Wide create a scene

Born To Be Wide kicks off its seminar season on Thursday, October 1, with a look at how to create and sustain a scene.

Taking place at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus, the evening will begin with an interview with Kevin Williamson, whose Neu! Reekie! cultural events regularly attract hundreds of attendees.

Hosted by Born To Be Wide director Olaf Furniss, it includes Halina Rifai [TYCI/Bloc+Music], Martyn Flyn [Lucky Me] and Creative Edinburgh founder, Janine Matheson.
“There are many different ways to create an audience and community around an event or music genre,” says Furniss, who has overseen Born To Be Wide’s development from a music scene social night to Scotland’s leading music business event organiser. “The panelists will provide unique insights into their respective approaches.”

The interview and discussion panel will be followed by speakers playing a selection of their favourite tunes and socialising with the audience.
He will also join a discussion focusing on different approaches to building an audience.

Born To Be Wide – Creating and Sustaining a Scene, The Electric Circus, Market Street, Thursday, October 1, 7pm, £5.50/£4 [Musicians’ Union members], tickets:

Running Order:

1900 : Doors open
1930-2015 : Kevin Williamson (Neu! Reekie!) in conversation with Olaf Furniss
2015-2030 : Interval
2030-2130 : Creating and Sustaining a Scene – a look at how to build an audience.
Speakers: Halina Rifai (TYCI/Bloc Music), Janine Matheson (Creative Edinburgh), Martyn Flyn (LuckyMe) + Kevin Williamson (Neu! Reekie!)
2130-Late : Self-indulgent DJ set from seminar speakers