Carl Barat discusses new album from The Libertines

Carl Barat has hinted that a new album from indie darlings The Libertines is likely to be released soon.

The 38-year-old, who co-fronts the London band with Pete Doherty, discussed the next Libs record while filming an episode of This Feeling TV.

The Libertines’ third album and most recent album, Anthems For Doomed Youth, was released in September 2015.

When asked whether there would be a new Libertines album soon, Barat answered: “Yeah. We’re doing everything we can. We’ve got so much material and so much still to do and say.”

Barat talked about plans for the band’s new “hotel“, describing it as a “hotel, bar, restaurant, recording studio”.

He added: “We’re jumping through hoops – the last thing we’re waiting on is getting the planning permission. If that goes through then we’re in business and rolling with a place to make a record, place to rehearse, place to write, a place to do whatever we want really.”

In February, Barat gave an update on the progress of the band’s new album in an interview with music bible NME.

“We’ve still got f*cking two decades’ of stuff, and we’ve still got a lot to write about,” he said “There’s a lot of water yet to go under the bridge in many ways so yeah, there’s plenty to do.”

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