DMA’s confirm release date of MTV Unplugged Live album

Hot on the heels of their sell-out gig at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh last night (April 9), Sydney trio DMA’S have announced the release of their MTV Unplugged Live album on June 14.

It was recorded at Melbourne’s intimate Memo Music Hall last October, with DMA’S becoming one of the first Australian bands to play the iconic MTV Unplugged session.

It’s a format steeped in history following classic sets from Nirvana, Oasis, REM, and many more.

“It was the most fun I’ve had in a while, just rearranging the songs and hearing them in a different light,” says Johnny Took. “To be able to do this is a bit of a dream come true.”

Renowned for their ragged, anthemic energy often inspired by the Britpop and Manchester scenes, MTV Unplugged Live finds DMA’S stripping their songbook back to basics.

Focusing on acoustic guitar, piano, violin and cello, these new arrangements unveil fresh new perspectives on the songs. Some now carry a folk vibe, while others hone in on the poignancy of the band’s lyrics.

The set makes an immediate statement with Feels Like 37, which substitutes its rush of spiky melody with a more reflective atmosphere. Numerous fan favourites such as Step Up The Morphine, In The Air and Lay Down resonate in their new form, while the album also features their previously unreleased, violin-driven take on the Madonna classic Beautiful Stranger.

MTV Unplugged Live has today been launched with the emotionally-charged acoustic version of The End. This represents DMA’S’ first live performance of the song, which has since become a staple of their live sets. The original studio version was recently added to Radio X’s daytime list and to Absolute Radio’s C-list.

It will be released on double 180-gram vinyl, CD and digital formats. Completed by Tommy O’Dell and Matt Mason, DMA’S formed in Sydney and debuted with their self-titled EP in 2015.

Their full-length debut Hills End was their domestic breakthrough as it reached the Top 10, while the follow-up For Now expanded their profile across the globe.

The MTV Unplugged Live tracklisting is:

  1. ‘Feels Like 37’
  2. ‘Lay Down’
  3. ‘Time & Money’
  4. ‘Emily Whyte’
  5. ‘In The Air’
  6. ‘Warsaw’
  7. ‘Beautiful Stranger’
  8. ‘The End’
  9. ‘Lazy Love’
  10. ‘In The Moment’
  11. ‘Health’
  12. ‘Step Up The Morphine’
  13. ‘Delete’
  14. ‘Do I Need You Now?’

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