Edinburgh Fringe: Chris Stokes interview

Chris Stokes? Yes. Comedian? Absolutely. Award-winning? You betcha. Man…? Can you be more specific? Ostensibly a human, Chris returns to the Fringe with a new show about you. Well, the species that you have in common with him. AAA caught up with Chris for a chat.

How has your Fringe been so far?

Four days in and it’s been easily already been the most rollercoaster Fringe I’ve had so far.  If there’s one thing the Fringe is consistent in, it’s that every year it’s always wildly inconsistent.

Tell us about the show you’re in…

It’s a stand-up show, the fourth solo show I’ve brought up to the Fringe, and I’m really enjoying doing it. Overall, you could say that it’s about how we view ourselves as a species, our place on the planet and how that informs how we behave towards each other.  Or you could say it’s a lot of jokes about things including vegans, Ghostbusters and dogs.

What’s the audience reaction been like?

Aside from the drunk guy who had clearly made the wrong choice of show to come to and who walked out threatening to kill me, the shows have been fine.

When did you realise you were funny?

I’ll let you know when it hits me.

Were you the class clown?

Absolutely not. I kept my head down and tried to draw as little attention to myself as possible, which has spilled over into my flyering technique.

Can comedians get away with saying things no one else can?

We have the potential to, but not the licence. It all depends on how its packaged, I think. I don’t believe any subject should be off limits, but every subject should be approached with care and consideration. Blundering in with zero regard but shouting, “Freedom of speech,” is really irresponsible.

Was there a comedian who inspired you?

There have been several; Kitson, CK, Lee.

Are there any other shows on this year you’d recommend?

Absolutely. Definitely go to see Katia Kvinge, Mat Ewins, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Michael J Dolan, David Longley and the excellent one-man theatre show A Common Man: The Bridge That Tom Built. I realise that’s a lot, but go and see at least one of them, they’re all brilliant.

What’s on your hit-list to see?

All of the above, and I’d also really like to catch Liz Miele and Lucie Pohl. I’ve never seen either of them before but heard really great things.

What do you like to do in Edinburgh on your day off?

I like to sleep in, cook every meal that day, and zone out of the Festival for the day. Maybe do some laundry.

Can you recommend a bar or restaurant in Edinburgh?

I’m always disappointed if I don’t go to David Bann’s at least once.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen this year?

A dachshund trotting around by Holyrood with a stack of flyers in his mouth.

Sell your show in no more than ten words….

Combines an examination of human nature with dog jokes. Funny.

Chris Stokes – The Man Delusion, Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302), 8.10pm, until 28 Aug, www.edfringe.com

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