Edinburgh Fringe: Ruby Thomas interview

What do a filthy aristocrat, a gynaecologist, a vlogger, a dominatrix and you have in common? Limescale. And Chick, the hit Fringe show from 25-year-old comedian Ruby Thomas. AAA caught up with Ruby for chat earlier this week.

How has your Fringe been so far?

If I just said ‘fine’, you would look at me weirdly. So exhausting, tumultuous and rainy, yes, but mainly fine.

Tell us about the show you’re in…

It’s a character comedy show about a TV presenter who gets publicly shamed and goes on an emotional journey through the 20th century to learn about his female ancestors. It is performed by Chris Adlington and I, with lots of accents, tomfoolery, and a lustrous salt-and-pepper wig.

What’s the audience reaction been like?

It has included laughter and gasps.

When did you realise you were funny?

I’m not sure that’s something you ever realise, you just try and do it because it feels good.

Were you the class clown?

I did once get told that by a teacher called Miss Harris, but I think it was because I wasn’t engaging with her IT class, which by most people’s standards is just normal behaviour.

Can comedians get away with saying things no one else can?

I think that depends on who is listening.

Was there a comedian who inspired you?

Michelle Gomez, Jennifer Saunders, Amy Schumer.

Are there any other shows on this year’s Fringe you’d recommend?

I love Max and Ivan’s Our Story and Chris Gethard’s Career Suicide at the Pleasance Dome, Christeene’s Christeene Machine at the Underbelly and Rashdash’s Two Man Show at Summerhall.

What’s on your hit-list to see?

I am keen to see Alice Marshall’s show Vicious, because she’s an excellent person and I’ve heard great things and Mae Martin’s improvised show too.

What do you like to do in Edinburgh on your day off?

This year I went to the hairdressers (McGill’s on Home Street – I have no reservations about giving Garry a plug because he was charm personified).

Can you recommend a bar or restaurant in Edinburgh?

I spend a lot of time in cafes and my favourite was Project Coffee in Bruntsfield.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen this year?


Sell your show in no more than ten words….

Das ist bullshit Barbara, sprechen de trauth. Ist das… Spam?

Ruby Thomas: Chick, Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88), 6.40pm, until 28 Aug, www.edfringe.com

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