Edinburgh Fringe: Showstoppers’ Kids Show review

Whoever said you should never work with children or animals had clearly never been in the audience for a performance of The Showstoppers’ Kids Show.

Interactive, fun and completely crazy, the improvised musical gives an audience full of kids the rare opportunity to create the stage musical of their dreams by deciding everything from who the characters are to where the story is set and what happens to them. It’s an interesting concept, and one that could easily descend into chaos if not for a seamless execution by the talented cast.

The show is from the team behind the hit West End version of the show for adults and each performance is completely different and constructed on the spot according to what suggestions are made by the audience that morning. What is always guaranteed, however, is that the show will feature a silly storyline, fun characters, catchy songs and plenty of audience interaction.

For the grown-ups watching, the show provides a fascinating insight into the imaginative and often unpredictable minds of little ones – for example, when asked where the story should be set, the suggestions ranged from in haunted house to deep in a dark forest to…erm…in Prague.

There aren’t many children’s theatre productions that you could watch several times over without ever getting bored but The Showstoppers’ Kids Show is definitely one of them.


Words: Amy Anderson

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