Edinburgh Fringe: Trash Test Dummies review

The Trash Test Dummies’ pre-show banter is funnier and more entertaining than a lot of popular kids shows are in their entirety.

As the audience enter the venue and struggle to find their seats, the mischievous cast members keep the early birds entertained by energetically climbing up the rows, jokingly telling off cheeky children and rummaging through the backpacks of those unlucky enough to have chosen seats in the front few rows.

As funny as all this is, though, it pales in comparison to how entertaining the show itself actually is. A trio of talented Australian acrobats use wheelie bins as circus centrepieces for hilarious slapstick sketches, classic clowning and inventive acrobatic routines. Though the show might provide a welcome hour of uninterrupted silliness, the cast members are clearly studied, skilled professionals and their performances will leave you completely awestruck throughout.

It’s rare to find a children’s show that is as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids but Trash Test Dummies ticks all the boxes.

Don’t try this at home – but do make sure you try and get tickets the next time they’re in town!


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