My Edinburgh: Worbey and Farrell

Worbey and Farrell are internationally acclaimed concert pianists with a wicked sense of humour. The Edinburgh-based duo have performed in over 150 countries and achieved millions of hits on YouTube with their utterly sensational piano playing and barnstorming blend of sparky humour.

The accredited Steinway ensemble bring to the Usher Hall on Thursday 30 November their astonishing arrangements of the world’s greatest music.

Expect exhilarating rhapsodies, dazzling toccatas, beguiling boogie-woogies and sensational piano-playing. The ingenuity of these amazing musicians makes you laugh one moment and takes your breath away the next.

The evening will include favourites such as Saint-Saën’s Carnival of the Animals, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and many more.

AAA caught up with the dynamic duo to find out what they most about their hometown of Edinburgh…

Most memorable capital event?

We performed at the 25 Years of the Witchery party at Prestonfield House. It was one of the best parties we’ve ever been to. It was organised by James Thompson. Hope we’re invited to the 50th!

Who would you choose to headline Edinburgh’s Hogmanay?

Us of course. Steven is a bellringer and we’d love to compose a piece of music incorporating the ringers of Edinburgh along with the Scottish National Orchestra. When we hit midnight we’d love to have the ringers live along with the orchestra. Never been done before.

Favourite old fashioned boozer?

We like our local old-fashioned boozer, The Regent bar. It’s comfy, fun and dog friendly. We’ve been going there for years and it’s
always guaranteed to be open late. The owner, Alan Joy, has always been very supportive of us and is great with his punters.

Favourite style bar?

The Street on Picardy Place. Louise has done a great job to make this a great bar with amazing choice of drinks and cocktails.
There’s always something fun going on downstairs, too.

Favourite restaurant?

Bar Napoli. We’ve never been disappointed here. The menu is huge, the food cooked fresh. It’s cheap and cheerful and always packed. During the Festival it’s often open until the early hours.

Do you love or loathe the festival?

Love it. If you loathe it, you should get out. Every night is a party which suits us down to the ground.

Favourite art gallery?

The Gallery of Modern Art. The grounds are stunning and the exhibitions regularly change. We can’t pretend we often understand them but they make you think. The cafe is superb if you can ever get a seat.

Favourite cinema?

We only ever really go to the Vue cinema at the Omni centre. Not regulars.

Favourite live music venue?

The Usher Hall. It has an amazing acoustic and it’s so grand. All types of music here – not just classical.

Favourite walk in or around the city?

Water of Leith. The river is a beautiful peaty brown and the smells of the moss and undergrowth are gorgeous. We used to walk our little dog, Margaret, here and find it hard to go back though now she’s gone. We’d recommend it to any visitor to Edinburgh.

Favourite shopping area?

George Street. Wide variety of quality shops. Our favourites are Penhaligons and Hawes and Curtis.

Favourite piece of architecture?

We like the New Town architecture. The Georgian buildings are stunning. Jenners is a wonderful old fashioned style department store and inside the old oak stairs and decor is beautiful.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the city?

The bars and restaurants in the city have changed and improved very noticably over the last ten years. We’re getting great quality food and drink at reasonable prices now and we think the choice is better than in London. The chain pubs such as Wetherspoons (love or loathe) have enabled more people to afford to go out more often and have quality choices.

Favourite festival?

The Fringe. It’s so diverse and the biggest and best in the world.

Sell Edinburgh to a tourist in no more than ten words

Music, art, culture and nightlife – it’s a perennial festival.

Worbey and Farrell will be performing at the Usher Hall on 30 November.  Book tickets HERE

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