Emeli Sandé announces release of third album

Scottish pop star Emeli Sandé has announced that her much anticipated third album, Real Life, will be released on June 7 on Virgin/EMI.

Recorded following an intense personal journey of self-doubt and self-discovery, Real Life marks a brand-new chapter and with it a bold, confident and fearless new sound for the Aberdeen singer.

Feeling attuned with the disenfranchised state of the world, the vision for Real Life is to give people hope and confidence.

“Especially people who have been marginalised, forgotten or kicked down by this invisible oppression that’s always there,” says Sandé .

“I just want to give people this incredible superpower every time they play the album. Like a battery pack – by the end of the album they’re going to feel restored.”

With all lyrics written by Sandé and working with the likes of Salaam Remi, James Poyser and Troy Miller, who produced every song, the album’s 11 tracks act as warm balm for anyone looking for positivity.

Opening track, the compelling Human is a sobering reminder of our vulnerability that sets the tone for the record as Sandé sings, ‘We all human/We all go through things’.

This is followed by the acoustic guitar lead Love To Help, a poignant and smooth statement of solidarity, while on the soaring You Are Not Alone, the singer, flanked by the halo of a choir, returns with the anthemic sound that made her a star.

Building on this momentum is lead single Sparrow, an empowering track that showcases the singer’s dynamic voice on top of marching drums, resonant pianos and resplendent backing vocals, as does the sermonic Survivor with its flecks of R&B and gospel.

Honest, a tender piano ballad, sees the singer deliver one of the most emotive songs of her career, and the cinematic, string-led Free as a Bird which closes the record is timeless.

Elsewhere, like on the disco-tinged Extraordinary Being and soulful Shine, Sandé pushes her sound further than ever, showcasing the faith of a woman and an artist who now truly understands herself.

“I feel grounded,” she says. “With this album, I knew exactly what I wanted to say and do.

“I’ve came out the other side more confident, happier with more self-love.”

Full Album tracklisting;


Love To Help

You Are Not Alone





Extraordinary Being

Same Old Feeling

Real Life

Free As A Bird

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