Exclusive: Steve Angello interview + win fast-track tickets to see him live

Steve Angello, the DJ-producer and one-third of the former EDM supergroup Swedish House Mafia, is a bona fide electronic music icon.

On Saturday (Feb 27),  Don’t Let Daddy Know is coming to The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston – and Angello is topping an all-star bill that also includes Blasterjaxx, Dannic, Danny Avila, Dom Diablo, and many more.

Ahead of his much-anticipated appearance at one of electronic dance music’s most popular clubbing brands, AAA had the privilege of chatting with  Greek-Swedish superstar Angello.

Check out our exclusive interview with the man himself, and then enter our competition to win a pair of fast-track tickets to Saturday’s monster event.


  • Thanks for your time today Steve… is all well in your world in 2016 so far?

It’s been great! The album really resonated with the people so I couldn’t be happier!

  • You’re playing Don’t Let Daddy Know Scotland this weekend – are you looking forward to heading back to Scotland?

Very much so! Nothing beats a good Scottish crowd!

  • What can we expect from your set in Edinburgh?

We’ll see, obviously a lot of album edits and unreleased music from my Label Imprint SIZE. Visually the show is stunning, a little dramatic light wise and a super dynamic show!

  • You’ve played in Edinburgh before – do you know the city well? Do you have any special memories of playing here in the past?

Really beautiful and fun city! Most of the time I come in and do the show and don’t get too much time in the city or on the country side, but some day I’ll have more time.

  • Do you try and change things up from gig to gig?

Yes every show has changes and obviously played differently so each show is unique to me , which is really important to stay inspired!

  • What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve seen at one of your gigs? steve_angello_2

I could never ever tell those stories. I feel like there’s some sort of confidentiality at shows. People go out to have a great time and what they do shouldn’t be judged – although I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff that I only talk about with my closest circle!

  • The scene has changed dramatically over the past few years, what are your thoughts on where things will be for dance music in five years’ time?

Dance will be like any genre, most of the pop radio stations are picking up loads of music for their shows now. The mainstream will always be entry level and one people want to explore more they dig a little deeper. Personally, I think the underground scene is turning a little mainstream at the moment – so we’ll see what happens in the near future.

  • What’s you biggest bugbear in the industry?

No personality shown by artists – most of them follow the most successful in their subgenre and that created similarity, which is a bit annoying.

  • You’re definitely one of the most prolific producers on the scene, what is the secret to your success with making hit after hit?

I don’t try to make hit records. I only do what I like and what I’m proud of and it makes me extremely happy when things gets picked by the people and appreciated.

  • You’ve had some pretty interesting track names over the years, where do you get the ideas for those?

It all depends – it can be a fashion magazine, architectural masterpiece or just something random I feel fits the track. When you work with a lot of vocals like I did on this last album it’s much easier to pick something out of the lyrics.

  • You currently reside in LA, does the constant sunshine play a role in your work ethic?

Yes and no. I need shit weather to stay inspired and focused, so I’ve been spending a lot of more time in Sweden the past year. The sun helps my mood and it gives me a freedom feeling – but at the same time, nothing beats a bit of melancholy!

  • You are listed as one of the most inspirational artists for lots of new talent – how does that feel to know you inspire young producers?

That’s an incredible feeling – if I can change one person’s life for the better, I’ve succeeded in life.

“I don’t try to make

hit records. I only do

what I like and what

I’m proud of”

  • Your latest album Wild Youth is causing BIG waves around the world – how long did it take to create from start to finish and do you have a favourite track from the album?

I love the album as a whole. No track would be the same without the other. It took about three years from start to finish, and every track on there helped inspire the next.

  • How do you decide which tracks make it onto the album and which ones don’t?

That’s a hard one! I had about 60 songs to pick from and I put them in order, changed the order, removed the disruptive ones to the others. It was hard, but I have loads of music in my vault now.

  • You are part of the BBC Radio 1 Residency line up, we love the show! How important do you see things like this in the industry?

I think it’s more important for me than the industry. I need to go record shopping and dig a little to discover new music and new artists. It’s really important to get back to that same discovery as when I was a kid.

  • Are there any artists that you call role models? If so, why?

Stuart Price. He mentored me through the whole album and he’s become a very good friend of mine. He’s been there for me emotionally since the start of the album.

  • It seems like every man and his dog is a DJ nowadays – what makes a truly great DJ in your opinion?

Ha ha ha, yeah, pretty much! For me, it’s what a DJ does if they play five-seven hours that extinguishes the good from the bad.

  • If it was your last ever gig and you had to pick one track from your back catalogue to play as your last track, which track would it be?

That’s really hard to answer. I’d probably play Children of the Wild.

  • Tell us something no one knows about Steve Angello…

I haven’t read, seen or heard anything about myself, interviews, or any media in about seven years. I know…


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