Feist returns with new album

After a six-year hiatus, Canadian indie pop singer Feist has finally announced the release of her follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed Metals.

The singer has confirmed that her new album is called Pleasure, and will be released next month.

After details about the album leaked, Feist took to Twitter to make the release official.

“So here’s what I can tell you,” wrote Feist. “I made this record last winter with 2 of my closest friends, Mocky and Renaud LeTang. I was raw and so were the takes. Our desire was to record that state without guile or go-to’s and to pin the songs down with conviction and our straight up human bodies.”

She continued: “I titled the album Pleasure like I was planting a seed or prophecising some brightness. The experience of pleasure is mild or deep, sometimes temporal, sometimes a sort of low grade lasting, usually a motivator. If the way you look at things is how they look then my motivation is to look with a brighter eye.”

“So there it is, in a nutshell,” she added. “I’m grateful for your curiosity, the music is en route. Best and soon, Leslie.”

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