Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx to unveil special solo project in Edinburgh

As one half of esteemed electronic music duo Basement Jaxx, Felix Buxton has won a Grammy, headlined Glastonbury and toured the world – and next weekend he’s unveiling a special solo project in Edinburgh alongside a 40-strong choir.

On Saturday, 1 February, Buxton will present The Love Frequency at the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival.

For the event, which explores music’s impact on wellbeing and the healing properties of sound, Buxton has written bespoke music for, and collaborated with, Edinburgh’s Got Soul community choir.

The music explores the idea of The Love Frequency, a certain frequency of sound that is said to promote feelings of calm, healing and love.

Buxton’s piece is split into three parts; MIND (Awake), BODY (Raise the Vibration) and SPIRIT (The Love Frequency), with the choir singing a variety of sounds and words.

After the performance, which is being premiered in Edinburgh, Buxton and Maryam Ghaffari, founder of the Got Soul Choir, will take part in a discussion about how music has the power to enhance wellbeing and bring people together.

The Love Frequency event has been co-curated by Edinburgh Music Lovers (EML) and the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival to bring to life the themes of this year’s Festival, which include loneliness, the importance of community and the power of music.

Buxton, who won a Grammy in 2004 and headlined Glastonbury in 2005 with Basement Jaxx, has a keen interest in sound healing, spirituality and artistic projects. He has recorded music under the moniker ‘Celestial Being’, is involved in the international Peace One Day project, and is a Patron of the London Ballet Company.

“I’ve been exploring the healing properties of sound for years,” says Buxton. “One of the best ways we can heal ourselves and make our bodies resonate with joy is to sing with others, so I was delighted to be asked to collaborate with the Got Soul Choir.

“The piece I have created is called Love Frequency, a result of exploring the frequencies thought to resonate with the vibration of love.

“This is an experiment and exploration which can only be experienced at the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival.

“I hope it will have a beneficial effect on the audience, and show how music and sound can enhance wellbeing.”

The Love Frequency, Saturday 1 February, 4pm, Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, Edinburgh.
Tickets: £13.25 for The Love Frequency event only – £27.50 for a full day at Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival including the Love Frequency event.

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