Franz Ferdinand drummer injured by “ugly piece of art”

Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson has pulled out of the band’s current tour after suffering an injury caused by a falling “ugly piece of art”.

The Scottish indie outfit are currently out on the road playing in Europe, but over the weekend they revealed that former Portobello High School pupil Thomson was left unable to perform after injuring his finger at a hotel in Casablanca.

The Glasgow-formed band were scheduled to play the Hippodrome Casa-Anfa venue in the Moroccan city.

“We’re sad to say that Paul’s finger was crushed by an ugly piece of art which fell from the wall of a hotel lobby in Casablanca,” read a statement on Twitter. “The bone has splintered into small pieces and he is unable to hold a drumstick without experiencing intense pain.”

“Paul will be unable to continue this tour while it heals.

“We are happy to welcome our friend Mike Evans who will stand in for him temporarily.”

Franz frontman Alex Kapranos later tweeted about the accident, joking that the offending art piece “was truly awful”.

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