Fringe Q&A: Darius Davies

As seen on the BBC and Channel 4. Anglo-Iranian, English Comedian of the Year finalist 2017, Darius Davies returns with Persian of interest. This is a story about how easy it is to manipulate the media, troll men on Tinder, and get revenge against Ryanair by any means necessary.

Is this your first time at the Fringe?

No. This will be my seventh fringe and my first time doing a show with Just The Tonic at The Tron. One of the best venues in Edinburgh for comedy!

Tell us a bit about the show you’re in this year?

My show this year is called ‘Persian of Interest’ – it’s a swashbuckling tale of international media manipulation, ancient vendettas, and a spiraling vortex of x-rated pics. I demonstrate the tricks that the media play on you to do their bidding, and lift the lid on the techniques used by trolls to bring chaos and confusion to the world.

How much work has gone into getting it ready for Edinburgh?

A lot of time, effort, and money has gone into this show getting it to be as tight and funny as possible. I’ve had to write, re-write, and preview up and down the country. The hardest part was probably writing the show out verbatim so I had a script –then looking at it on screen and realizing your whole life is a lie and the show is just waffle! It was a valuable lesson to see how how much I can actually cut from the show.

Are you nervous ahead of your opening night?

Well, my show is actually at 2.20pm at Just The Tonic at the Tron – not at night, so I am little bit nervous about how my show will play out during the day, but that being said I am quietly confident and excited. I have put the time and effort into the show so come show time it will be ready – then it’s just up to me to perform it!

There’s thousands of shows on – why should Fringe-goers fork out to see yours?

In a preview of this show at the Adelaide fringe one reviewer said this is the “funniest…most thought-provoking show on the fringe” and I agree it was the funniest show! I got two four star reviews from my Adelaide previews, one from their biggest Sunday newspaper – the show was good then and is better now. This is a show with a serious message but it never forgets the main part of comedy show – it is funny! Also if you hate Ryanair and ever wanted revenge, this is the show for you.

Are there any other shows on this year you’d recommend?

I’d recommend Hate N Live 10.30pm at Just The Tonic The Big Cave. Now in it’s sixth year this is becoming a cult late night Edinburgh show to see. It’s high energy and rock n roll. The audience suggest topics on things they hate, and the comedians have to hate on them over a variety of fast paced rounds. It’s great. I’m biased because its my show, but it’s still great!

I’m also really looking forward to watching Leo Kearse’s new show Transgressive. Leo is brilliantly funny and has a different and much needed voice at the festival. His show this year is about all the times he’s been banned from stuff, like his venue in Australia. I can’t wait to see it.

What’s on your hit-list to see?

I’m also looking forward to seeing Matt Ewins and then I’m going to see what’s getting buzz when I go up. I’ll then go and sit and judge the show mercilessly.

What are you planning to do on your days off?

Sit around in my pants and look at the Internet. Basically the same thing I do on my days on.

Sell your show in no more than ten words….

One man’s quest for vengeance against Ryanair .

Darius Davies brings his new stand up show ‘Persian Of Interest’ to the Just The Tonic Tron for the month of August at 2.20pm each day. For tickets go to

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