Fringe review: And I Ran With The Gang

They sang Shang-a-Lang, made tartan scarves trendy, stole the hearts of teeny-boppers everywhere and then self-destructed in spectacular fashion.

And while the Bay City Rollers were one of the biggest bands on the planet for a short but fervent period in the 1970s, quite what happened to the millions they raked in is still a matter of contention today.
No matter, the Rollers still hold a special place in the hearts of many middle-aged women, and evidence of this can be seen nightly at Le Monde, where they’re dancing in the aisles during the Fringe run of And I Ran With The Gang, a new play capturing the nostalgia of a period in musical history that will forever be known as the time of  ‘Rollermania’.
The show, written by award-winning playwright Liam Rudden (Thief, Silence In Court, Conflict In Court), is a celebration of those heady days of hit songs, hectic touring schedules, Top of the Pops appearances and the behind-the-scenes pandemonium that followed the Edinburgh band everywhere they went.
At its core, the play reveals the story of Alan Longmuir, the original Bay City Roller, and tells of his rise from working as a plumber to being a heartthrob to millions.
But this fun, fast-paced production also features a set of the Rollers’ biggest hits, including Bye Bye Baby, Shang-a-Lang, Keep On Dancing and Summerlove Sensation, and ends with a Q&A with Longmuir himself.
In a nutshell, And I Ran With The Gang is a fantastic night of nostalgia in which the cast seem to be having as much fun as the audience.

And I Ran With The Gang, Le Monde (Venue 42), George Street, Aug 18-21, 23-28, 30-31, 7pm, £12, 0131 226 0000,


Words: Gary Flockhart

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