Fringe: Ryan Marten (Follow/Unfollow) interview

  • YouTube is the new rock and roll and audiences are rejecting other entertainment to find their idols on phones and tablets. Vlogger Ryan (#ryano) Marten has a legion of fans for his shallow videos and shirtless selfies. But both his manager, Dee, and fan, Chloe, are tiring of his product placements and sponsorship deals. As social media, fame and integrity all come under the spotlight, is the next big star just round the corner?
    AAA caught up with Ryan earlier this week.
  • How has your Fringe been so far?

An unmitigated disaster, if I’m honest. Basically, our flyers were destroyed in an arson attack on my person. I went out to Nando’s, had three beers, then an another four, and then came back to the flat for a cheeky fry up. Whilst I was asleep cooking, someone obviously broke in and set fire to the area around the frying pan and the flyers. No sign of a break in. People are sneaky. So yeah, that was a setback.

  • Tell us a bit about the show you’re in?

It’s all about vlogging. But go on: It’s about YouTubers, vlogger, and, I’m pleased to say, me. There’s something it’s trying to say about internet fame.

  • What’s the audience reaction been so far?

They were excellent at out last showing in Liverpool. Surprisingly honest people – my car was quite safe, despite what I’d been forewarned. It’s a cheeky little Fiesta. Green. Bright green. Stands out in the car park, which is the main thing I want from a vehicle.

  • There’s thousands of shows on – why should Fringe-goers fork out to see yours?

I’m fortunate enough to play myself and have my YouTube stuff to fall back on:
Sadly, I think that a lack of attention and/or ticket sales would drive the actors into an inevitable world of prostitution. But the main reason to see it is me. Get a selfie with me and maybe even a T- shirt. It has my face on – and who wouldn’t want that?

  • You’ve had some great reviews – do you read them?

Yes, they liked Follow/Unfollow, saying it was ‘must-see’, ‘the actors were excellent’, blah blah blah – yet they have failed to mention my hair, physique or hours spent in the gym. Basic points missed out. So yes, I do read them, and I review them right back. With corrections.

  • Are there any other shows on this year you’d recommend?

Broken Biscuits, which is from the Lantern Theatre in Liverpool. A great place, mainly because it’s right by McDonald’s. Though I do wish they’d relocate to by Nando’s.

  • What’s on your hit list to see?

I’m going to try to catch Jon Cozart who’s a YouTuber like me. I want to persuade him to do a collaboration video with me. It might help his career. Strangely, Zoella hasn’t said yes yet.

  • What do you like to do in Edinburgh on your day off

I’ll probably nabbed by the crowds for selfies. Or I might just sit in my pants having a nice quiche (my favourite way to relax). I’ll be vlogging and stuff too. I certainly won’t be reading a newspaper, grandad!

  • Can you recommend a bar or restaurant in Edinburgh?

Yes, Nando’s. That was the only reason I agreed to come to Scotland when I got the confirmation they have Nando’s up here too.

  • What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen this year? 

A slight discolouration around my naval. I couldn’t work out if it was fungal or perhaps a yeast based infection. The doctor reckoned it was a reaction to the buckle on my belt. So I stopped wearing it, which has led to no end of problems and unsafe exposure.


Follow/Unfollow, TheSpace @ Surgeons Hall, until August 29 (Venue 53),  1.05pm,