Gig preview: Eliza And The Bear, Electric Circus

We realise this will be a slap in the face to many of you, so we’re just going to say it right off the bat. There’s no one in Eliza And The Bear called Eliza. And there’s no bear. So no Eliza and no bear.

Right, now that’s cleared up, what we can tell you is these guys are one of the most promising young bands in the UK right now. That, we think, should be reason enough to make a beeline to their gig in the Capital tomorrow (Thur 11) – but just in case you’re still swithering, we’ve included a few of their joyous indie-pop tunes at the foot of the page.

The London five-piece went down a storm during support tours with the likes of Paramore and Imagine Dragons, winning new fans wherever they went. At the tail end of last year, Eliza And The Bear took huge strides forward when their infectious single, It Gets Cold (hear it below), was playlisted by BBC Radio 1, and everything now points to 2016 being the year they break through to the mainstream in a big way.

“I feel like everything we’ve been doing as a band has been working towards this year,” says lead singer James Kellegher, whose band have just kicked off a 26-date tour that arrives at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus tomorrow. “Getting the album out is a big milestone for us. Hopefully, everything that we’ve been dreaming of comes together and it’s going to be a beautiful year for Eliza And The Bear.”

Said album isn’t released until April, which has been a long time in coming considering it’s been on pre-order since last summer.

The band had no idea how well their singles would do, but when they started getting heaps of radioplay, they opted to push back the album’s release from February to the spring in order to swell their fanbase even more with another tour.

“Yeah it’s been a long time, says Kellegher. “It’s been a bit frustrating, I guess. But to be fair, at the time we set up the preorder we didn’t know what sort of state the radio was going to be in.

“Considering it’s our first album, we want to absolutely nail its release. We just want to make sure that when it does come out we’ve got the biggest weight behind us, and it’s like perfect timing – just before the festival season.”

Exciting times ahead for Eliza And The Bear, then. But before we let Kellegher go, let’s find out where the band’s unusual moniker comes from.

“Well, originally, when we were looking for a name, we had no grand aspirations so a ‘name’ didn’t matter,” he says.  “One of us found [Eleanor Rees’ collection of poems] Eliza and the Bear in a bookshop. We then started to figure out that Eleanor’s poems were very similar in theme to what we were writing about at that time – so it seemed perfect.”

Ok, now that’s been explained you can check out some of their tunes below.

Eliza And The Bear, Electric Circus, Market Street, Thursday, 11 February, 7pm, £11, 0131-226 4224

Words: Gary Flockhart