Gig preview: Goldray, Bannerman’s, Edinburgh

Psych rock band Goldray are set to preview their soon-to-be-released new album in Edinburgh later this month – and it’s a gig not to be missed.

The combo of REEF guitarist Kenwyn House and enchanting vocalist Leah Rasmussen (Hydrogen, EMI, Bedrock, Renaissance), Goldray will be visiting Cowgate venue Bannerman’s to air tracks from their highly-anticipated second album, Feel The Change.

Set for release later this year, Feel The Change will follow the band’s excellent debut offering, Rising, which was released in 2017 via Akashic Records.

“I’m a bit of a b**stard for perfection really and we’ve spent a long time really making sure all the parts of the record fitted properly,” says Kenwyn of the album.

“To be honest, it took us nearly six years to record the first Goldray album. And it’s taken us just about a year to make this new one – so considering how I tend to go into things I feel quite happy with the rate of progress.”

Of the new material, Kenwyn says: “There’s as much of a stoner rock, prog and blues vibe on the new record as there is psych – it ticks all of those categories.

“That era between 1965 and 1975 is very dear to me and as a musician I wear my influences on my sleeve.

“There are probably more singles and more radio-friendly elements on this record – not deliberately so, but that seems to be the way our songwriting has gone.

“There’s probably a few more footstompers – the first album was quite arty and psych and this one still keeps that element but has a bit more of a bums-on-seats kinda vibe about it, too.”

Ahead of the UK tour that bring them to Edinburgh later this month, Kenwyn says: “I’m really looking forward to it. God yeah, it’s what you live for as a musician really.

“The actual act of playing in the moment those songs you’ve created. It’s the reason why I got into it in the first place, why I got in bands, to play music, play guitar – I’m really looking forward to it.

“Having a good gig is the greatest high,” he adds. “It’s an incredible amount of effort to get everything together as well as possible at that professional level musically – it takes everything really but it’s so worth it.

“It’s the best buzz ever and I’ve tried a few buzzes in my time…”


Fri 12 – Nuneaton- Queens Hall

Sat 13 – Sheffield – Corporation

Sun 14 – Blackpool – Waterloo

Thu 18 – Edinburgh – Bannerman’s

Fri 19 – Scarborough – The Apollo Venue

Fri 26 – London – Underworld

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