Godspell cast on Susan Boyle and Gok Wan

Showbiz A-listers Susan Boyle and Gok Wan enjoyed a Saturday night performance of hit musical Godspell by Edinburgh’s MGA Academy of Performing Arts at the Assembly Roxy Theatre in the Capital.

Boyle, the singer who has sold more than 19 million albums worldwide and who is now a regular visitor to MGA Academy shows, joined How To Look Good Naked television star Gok in the audience for the production by young actors from the leading Edinburgh-based performing arts school.

Andrew Gowland, Managing Director of The MGA Academy of Performing Arts, said: “It was a huge lesson for the students. Given that there is a lot of audience interaction in our production, the cast showed real discipline in treating Susan and Gok like an other member of the audience.

“It cannot have been easy sharing the performance space with them as they are both so well known. The two of them were very gracious and the cast loved having their support in the audience.

“It is an inspiration to the students to have successful personalities from musical theatre and television enjoying their work and praising their abilities. It somehow re-enforces the training and encouragement that The MGA Academy offers them on a day-to-day basis. When successful public figures who work in the industry say they loved your work, it can be very uplifting for them.”

On October 24, students of The MGA Academy will have the opportunity to share the stage with renowned New York theatre composer Jonathan Reid Gealt at a one-off concert in Edinburgh.