Hayley Matthews’ AAA Edinburgh

Hayley Matthews has become a well-kent face since landing her “dream job” as co-presenter on The Fountainbridge Show, which airs weekdays on local channel STV Edinburgh. Hayley studied radio broadcasting at Edinburgh’s Telford College and, after stints at Kingdom FM, Real Radio and Talk 107, she joined STV’s The Nightshift team as a presenter before moving over to The Fountainbridge Show. “I love that I’ve lived in Edinburgh all my life but I’m still learning more and more about it all the time – there’s just so much history,” Hayley said. “My heart lies at the coastline where I grew up and even in the sharp, crisp Edinburgh weather. I love going for walks on Portobello beach and on Joppa and really enjoy taking my wee boy [Harris] there now.”

  • Most memorable Capital event?

Dancing on the band stand on Princes Street Gardens as Shirley Temple when I was four years old.

  • Who would you choose to headline Edinburgh’s Hogmanay?

    Queens of the Stone Age or Elton John.

  • Favourite old-fashioned boozer?

The Cask and Barrel on Broughton Street.

  • Favourite style bar?

Old man’s, beardy, big-moustache-wearing, pale ale drinking kind of place.

  • Favourite restaurant?
Hayley Matthews’ favourite restaurant, El Cartel on Thistle Street, is all about the tacos and tequila.

Mexican restaurant El Cartel on Thistle Street.

  • Do you love or loathe the Festival?

A bit of both, really.

  • Favourite art gallery?

The Dean Gallery.

“A beautiful city with a beach,
great people and a volcano!

  • Favourite cinema?

Vue at Omni Centre and at Ocean Terminal in Leith.

  • Favourite live music venue?

The Venue (back in its day), but now probably Whistlebinkies.

  • Favourite walk in or around the city?

The Water of Leith walkway on a nice sunny afternoon.

  • Favourite shopping area?

The Stockbridge charity shop stretch.

  • Favourite piece of architecture?

Edinburgh Castle.

  • Favourite ever guest on the Fountainbridge Show?

Jason Donovan and Robert Powell.

  • What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the city?

Leith changing over the years.

  • Favourite festival?

The Edinburgh Festival.

  • Your local hero?

Lynne McNicoll from [charity] It’s Good 2Give – she’s a HERO!

  • Sell Edinburgh to a tourist in no more than ten words…

A beautiful city with a beach, great people and a volcano!

Next week, Hayley’s Fountainbridge Show co-presenter Ewen Cameron tells us what he loves most about the Capital.