High 5, with Ben Adey (King Harvest And The Weight)

Halifax-born musician Ben Adey – better known by his nom-de-plume King Harvest And The Weight – brings his excellent debut album, Maps, to Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms tonight (June 26).

With references that revisit the formative sounds of youth, KH&TW dabble in the positively endless pool of 60s pop and 70s rock, enlivened by rich, warming inflections of pre-punk intensity.

“We unashamedly wanted to echo those beautiful, bygone days, when young people would lie back and breathe-in albums like Jailbreak, Physical Graffiti, and A Day at the Races,” says Ben.”

Let’s be clear, Maps, is more than an exercise in championing the distinct sound and identity of bygone times, KH&TW’s infectious melodies, louche hooks and uplifting choruses channel a nu-Zeppelin, where technical achievement and sheer craft whitewash the fleeting modes of modern rubbish.

AAA caught up with Ben before he went on stage at Voodoo Rooms.

number1 Favourite Film


Shit…. looking at these questions, they are all on the lines of “If you had to take three albums on a desert island what would you take?” Well, that’s a superb way to get my brain cracking on a Wednesday afternoon! It’s a close tie between Anchorman and Withnail & I for me. I spent the majority of my early 20s pissing myself at Ron Burgundy’s “I want to be on you” and Withnail’s demands for booze. Excellent films. I find them funny still every time I watch them.

number2Favourite Single


Another horrible question! I’ve never been a singles man, but one single that stands out to me, and one that I still love every time when I hear it, is One Armed Scissor by At The Drive In. I remember seeing them play it on Jools ‘The Penguin’ Holland’s Later show and it blew my mind. A killer song full of energy and a great song of a beast of an album. Thank the lord Jools didn’t smatter it with Boogie Woogie mess.

number3Favourite Album


I’ve thought about this none-stop for nearly three hours and I’m going to go with The Band’s self-titled album from 1969. I’m clearly far too young to remember it being released, but I remember borrowing it from The Central Library in Halifax when I was 14. I initially thought it was shite, but after a second listen I was hooked. I play it at least once every week. Monstrous musicians and amazing songs all the way through. If you’re up on the song names, it may also point you in the direction of where our band name originates.

number4Favourite Gig


I’ve been to so many that I couldn’t possibly comment on that, but the best gig I’ve seen recently was Ren Harvieu at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club. She blew my mind. I’d heard her on the radio and never really paid much attention, but went to this gig for a change of scenery and she blew my mind. She’s just incredible. Her presence and vocals are incredible. So powerful, and clear as a bell. I love singers first and foremost. The voice grabs you before anything. She got me.

number5Favourite Book


I read a corker of a book on holiday recently, actually. It was Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography. It was hilarious from start to finish. I love the way he always wore these wooden balls tied to his pants and just generally enjoyed the classic rock ‘n’ roll life of decadence – but not surprisingly, it really f*cked him and the rest of Fleetwood Mac up! I’d recommend it. Oh, I also love Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – it’s a great example of how the internet can ruin your life. Incredible writing. John’s a diamond, too.


To find out more about King Harvest and the Weight, visit www.kingharvestandtheweight.co.uk