High 5, with BlackWaters

Tempestuous teen upstarts BlackWaters head for Sneaky Pete’s tonight on a co-headline tour with like-minded Blackpool rockers Strange Bones.

BlackWaters are four 18-year-old indie punk heads from Surrey whose first track Jarr’ed Up Generation was produced by Carl Barât, of The Libertines.

In the Capital, BlackWaters will be promoting their new single Down,  described as a “lung-busting clarion call against the powers that be”.

Speaking ahead of the gig, singer  Max Tanner said: “If you like 70’s punk then you’ll like us.  Every song you can hear something different, which is cool.”

BlackWaters and Strange Bones, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowgate, tonight, doors 7pm, £6, 0131-225 1757

AAA caught up with Max ahead of tonight’s gig in the Capital…




Favourite Film 

Trainspotting. Danny Boyle’s a genius, that scene when he gets sucked down the toilet is fucking ace. Lou Reed’s appearance on the soundtrack was perfect (day).




Favourite Single 

Anything off ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 79’. Not 78. That ones shit.




Favourite Album

Tame Impala – Currents. That album is incredible man. Kevin Parker needs to take a bow. Every song is a journey and my friend told me that it sounds amazing on drugs.




Favourite Gig 

FIDLAR- Electric Brixton. I still don’t know what the fuck happened that night. The whole band was there and it went off. Cocaine (the song not the drug) was a personal highlight – load of sweaty kids just fucking shit up. Nothing better.




Favourite Book 

Gruffalo. Fucking brilliant.



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