High 5, with Carla J Easton

Ette, an experimental pop project featuring Carla J Easton (lead singer of TeenCanteen) and Joe Kane (from psyche outfit Dr Cosmos Tapelab), celebrate the release of their debut album, Homemade Lemonade, with a hometown show at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on Thursday (July 22).

Having recently returned home to Glasgow, Carla found herself with a lot of free time to write and experiment, trawling through notebooks of half-written ideas for inspiration. She ended up recording a handful of demos at home which didn’t sound like they would belong on a TeenCanteen album, so Carla contacted Duglas T. Stewart of BMX Bandits, who suggested she get in touch with Joe.

Experimentations in disco, dub and psychedelic pop ensued. Each playing a range of instruments, the sense of two people enjoying the freedom to be creative really comes across in their songs. Going with their gut instinct and plucking ideas and polyphonic melodies out of the air, Carla found that “the songs now felt like ‘our’ songs and not ‘my’ songs”.

Carla decided that it didn’t feel right to release it under own name. That’s where the name ‘Ette’ comes in. ‘Ette’ after The Ronettes, The Marvelettes and Edinburgh post-punk girl group The Ettes.

Homemade Lemonade will be released on digital platforms and on pink bubblegum vinyl through Olive Grove Records on 22 July.

Earlier this week, AAA Edinburgh caught up with Carla for a quick High 5.




Favourite Film 

Star Wars.




Favourite Single 

Not sure if it was ever released as a single, but one of my all time favourite songs is The Music Box by Ruth Copeland. The production is incredible on this track.




Favourite Album 

Top three albums (in no particular order): Gonna Take A Miracle by Laura Nyro; Tapestry by Carole King; All Things Must Pass by George Harrison.




Favourite Gig 

Ronnie Spector at The Arches in 2009. Hands down it has been the best gig I have ever attended. Although in October of last year I went to the 15th anniversary show of The Polyphonic Spree debut album The Beginning Stages Of… and it was sonic euphoria. I cried with absolute pure joy and got to meet Tim DeLaughter, who is one of my heroes, afterwards.




Favourite Book 

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.