High 5, with Lucy Mae

On Sunday night (May 29) at Leith Depot, Manchester soul and jazz songstress Lucy Mae and her musical partner, French multi-instrumentalist Luc Phan (guitar, loop and saxophone), will be performing material from Lucy’s just-released self-titled EP, alongside some new pieces and jazz classics.

According to the Manchester’s ALT Student Guide, ‘her style is filled to the brim with cool soul and jazz, her voice is deep and enticing. I think that if it were possible I would listen to her all day. Stunning to watch and stunning to listen too.’

AAA caught up with Lucy for a quick chat ahead of Sunday’s gig…


number1 Favourite Film


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, hands down. I think Jim Carey’s performance is beautiful and the storyline has a very clever depth to it, which I really love. In fairness, anything Charlie Kauffman writes is brilliant!!


number2Favourite Single


Smile by Chaplin/Nat King Cole. It’s my favourite song in the world (I have a bar of it tattooed on my thigh! Committed! Haha).
I love that the song is in a minor key and yet the lyrics are so uplifting. It’s haunting.


number3Favourite Album


Would you judge me if I said the Spice Girls? I have great memories of being nine years old and holding their album in my hands. For nostalgic reasons, I’m sorry, but the first Spice Girls album was bangin’. On a serious note, Amy Winehouse’s Frank is one of my favourites. You hear her raw, real, unfiltered. Her best album by far. No special things going on, just very simple jazz music, and she did it incredibly well.


number4Favourite Gig


I have two, is that allowed? I can’t choose. Stevie Wonder and Buena Vista Social Club. I cried at both, was hysterical at both… basically, your average fangirl.


number5Favourite Book


I’m not a massive reader these days – as a child I was big on it, but not so much anymore. Concentration span of a bee. However, The Diary of Anne Frank really struck a chord with me. I had just come back from travelling Europe with my friend Lauren – we visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and Auschwitz in Krakow, so when we arrived home it was the first thing I wanted to read. It stirred up a morbid curiosity within me. Very, very well written.

Lucy Mae, Leith Depot, Leith Walk, Sunday, 29 May, 8.30pm, 0131-555 4738. Admission free.

For more information on Lucy Mae, visit her Facebook page – www.facebook.com/lucymaeuk