High 5, with Saraswati

Hot on the heels of her crowd-pleasing set at Party At The Palace in Linlithgow earlier this month, hotly-tipped new singer Saraswati has announced the release of new single Ray Of Sunshine, which is due out next month. Listen below.

Inspired by the likes of Shakira, Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez, Saraswati grew up listening to these artists and dreamed of a life that was a far cry from her humble beginnings in a Katmandu orphanage.

Saraswati’s new album is expected later in the year, and Ray Of Sunshine is available today (Friday, 2 September) from all major online retailers.

AAA caught up with the talented young singer this week for a quick chat…




Favourite Film 

I love films – there are so many favourites. But one of my favourite comedy movies that my sis and I used to watch over and over again was Euro Trip. Basically, it’s about this American teenager who finds he is in love with his pen pal from Europe, and him and his friends go on this crazy European adventure to find his pen pal. It’s a little silly, but it used to have my sister and I in fits of laughter.




Favourite Single 

So many… but one of my faves is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. The instrumentation, rhythm, groove, smooth vocals and catchy melodies… wow, it just makes me want to dance along to this song. The quality and production on the track just is amazing and Michael Jackson’s tone – and the soul in his voice – always gives me goosebumps. With a mix of funk, RnB, disco and pop, this song truly is a classic.




Favourite Album

One of my favourite albums is by Aaliyah – I Care 4 U.  I could listen to this album from beginning to end… what with Timbaland’s unique production, and Aaliyah’s beautiful, silky, angelic voice. It has so many catchy hooks and melodies… and that smooth RnB pop vibe! I just love listening to this album still. This album combines some of her previous songs along with her [then] newer songs. My favourites include One In A Million, the title track I Care 4 U, and Come Over. Simply a great album to listen to. I love Aaliyah.




Favourite Gig 

My favourite gig would be my first big festival at Party At The Palace in Linlithgow. Being able to perform at the same festival as the likes of Billy Ocean and The Proclaimers, and seeing lots of other cool bands, was truly amazing. Also, the scenery was breathtaking. I had the best time with my friends and family. Being on stage and performing, and sharing my songs with festival-goers, was really amazing. I loved every minute of it.




Favourite Book 

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. Basically, it’s about this lady who is a high-powered lawyer and all she cares about is her job. One day, when she makes a huge mistake, she finds herself in a big mansion, being mistaken for a housekeeper. She pretends and carries on being the housekeeper and finds herself struggling with domestic jobs. Eventually, she starts to realise she likes this lifestyle and the family and fall in love with her, too. This book has so many funny moments, it’s really well written, and it has a sweet story line, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


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