High 5, The 10:04s

The 10:04s have been one of the mainstays of the Edinburgh music scene. But rather than peddling the same old, same old, they have continually evolved over the years.

They draw from an eclectic blend of influences, and have opened for The Cribs, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Idlewild and, current darlings of the NME, The 1975. But these four fellas are headliners in their own right. Be sure of that.

The group is made up of Steven Bolton (guitar and vocals), Danny Scrimshaw (guitar and vocals), Paul Haddow (drums) and Johnny Tracey (bass).

Listen to The 10:04s recent single, Harlequin (with the ever-excellent Kirsten Adamson), and then go out and grab a copy of their latest album, A Common Wealth.

AAA caught up with Steven for a quick chat recently.




Favourite Film 

I’ve always enjoyed watching silent films. It always fascinated me that some people watch them and are really moved by them, while someone else can watch the exact same thing and feel nothing at all. The first one I remember watching and really struck a chord with me was Easy Street with Charlie Chaplin, so I will go for that one.




Favourite Single

There, There by Radiohead. It’s just about as close to musical perfection as I have come across. Musically brilliant, melodic and lyrically outstanding. Everyone’s favourite songs can change from day to day, depending on your mood but this track is consistently one of the first that always comes into my mind when asked that question. The outro ‘We Are Accidents Waiting To Happen’. Genius.




Favourite Album

Really tough to pick one. As a musician there have been so many important ones from Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division to Push The Sky Away by The Bad Seeds – but if I had to pick one that just changed my whole approach to music and writing, I would have to go for In Utero by Nirvana. I was too young to know anything about it at the time but discovering it later just blew my mind. Learning to be able to channel frustration, angst and anxiety into songwriting was a really cathartic process. I’m not sure I would be doing music as a career if not for Nirvana.




Favourite Gig 

The National touring High Violet. They played Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks to finish but literally unplugged all their instruments and just played with an acoustic guitar and sang it along with the crowd. I’d never seen anything like it before. I remember thinking the respect from the crowd to be quiet enough to let them do that was unbelievable and created something really special.




Favourite Book 

Anything by Stephen Fry, The Stars’ Tennis Balls was the last one that I read. Reminded me a bit of The Count Of Monte Cristo. As a lyricist, though, reading anything is really important. Fuel for the brain. Of recent times, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand is excellent.

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