High 5, with Laurie Black

Classically trained pianist turned cabaret anarchist Laurie Black recently released third album Kink! – a collection of songs about BDSM and books.

Laurie was crowned Emerging Artist at this year’s Adelaide Fringe 2018, and she is bringing her synth-rock cabaret show Bad Luck t0 the Edinburgh Fringe.

AAA caught up with Laurie for a quick chat ahead of her visit.

Bad Luck, Underbelly, Cowgate – Big Belly, 8.50pm, Aug 20-26, www.edfringe.com




Favourite Film 

I’ve recently discovered two greats, introduced to me by fellow musician and good friend David Ryder Prangley (yes, that pigtailed weirdo from Rachel Stamp!). Hedwig and the Angry Inch – which is totally amazing to me as a cabaret performer who’s into rock’n’roll, makeup and drag!  The film is packed with amazing outfits, wigs and original music, and the “making of” documentary is worth a watch too.  The other film, another glam rock goodie, is Velvet Goldmine, a sort of bizarre twist on David Bowie’s life story. As an Oscar Wilde fanatic, the film starts with young Oscar Wilde proclaiming he wants to “be a pop idol”.  What more could you need?




Favourite Single

If there’s one song I love more than any other song on the planet, it’s Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe. Whenever I hear that first moaning screaming guitar on the track, I genuinely lose it – no matter what club/bar/pub/restaurant/church service I’m at.  There’s something so raw and exciting about it, it really gets my heart racing (pun probably intended). If you ever need to wake me from a deep sleep, skip the handsome prince bit and play me some Mötley Crüe instead 😉




Favourite Album

Absolution by Muse, the first rock album I ever listened to as an awe-induced 10-year-old kid. I learnt piano from the age of six, and always wanted to quit – it’s difficult for a kid to relate to something if all they’re playing is classical music written centuries ago!  When I discovered Muse, that was when I became a musician, passionate about my instrument. I would sit at the piano for hours working out all of my favourite songs by ear. Cheers, Matt Bellamy!




Favourite Gig 

I recently saw Nine Inch Nails at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was so good I went away and had an existential crisis afterwards. As one of my all time favourite bands, I had huge expectations and they delivered. Amazing sound, incredible lighting design, plus just being in the same room as Trent Reznor was a special moment.




Favourite Book 

Speaking of Oscar Wilde, it’s gotta be The Picture of Dorian Gray.  Wilde’s writing really speaks to me: you can just drink it in. The whole debate on artists putting their soul into their work, or just wanting to create something beautiful but ultimately meaningless is pretty provocative.

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